Install Duramax Light-Reflective Wall Panels for Your Grow Room Walls

Grow Room Wall Panels

Are you planning to replace the old FRP panel of your grow room so that your plants can grow in a healthy manner? People have been using FRP for grow rooms but it has been noticed that these panels decay very easily due to moisture absorption. If you grow room walls start peeling, it calls for expensive repairs and your plants won’t get a healthy atmosphere to grow. You need the very durable, anti-mold vinyl panels for your grow room walls. It helps to fight the major drawbacks of FRP, which is delamination and mold infestation. Basically vinyl is ideal in areas where there is high moisture content.


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At Duramax we manufacture vinyl panels especially for your grow rooms so our panels have certain qualities like its waterproof, anti-mold, anti-bacterial and light reflective. Our panels do not require any backer or adhesive, therefore there would never be any call backs or delaminating. Recently Grow Room Vinyl Panels are considered as the most suitable for grow rooms where moisture takes a front seat. It’s now the most long-lasting and highly efficient ceiling solution. Duramax wall panels are the finest and we are offering premium quality panels so that you do not have to think twice before ordering.

Medicinal plants in order to survive needs excess moisture but can you imagine an almost dark grow room? Yes, depending on the location, it could be that your grow room is not getting enough light. We can help you with light issues but offering light-reflective wall panels. Sunlight is important for the healthy growth of plants.

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Duramax vinyl panels are light reflective and this is what your grow room needs. There are plants that require adequate lighting and sometimes you even have to provide artificial lighting too. You already know how expensive it is to provide artificial lights and why would you do that when you can bring in the sunlight or install LED lights. You can install our light reflective panels to bring down the operational costs. Our panels have a brighter and whiter surface which can actually bring in a lot of light. In our panels, there are no fasteners and even the joints are very smooth so our panels are very flawless and smooth. This makes our panels easy to clean

With the invention and popularity of vinyl panels, people are heavily discarding the less expensive FRP. Are you thinking about the expenses because FRP is less costly compared to vinyl? Actually vinyl is a bit on the expensive side but it needs no repairs, replacements and maintenance. On the other hand, if you are bent on buying FRP, you must be prepared for additional expenses for a lot of repairs, replacements, extra labor costs etc. If you wish to have long-lasting grow room walls, it’s better to install waterproof Grow Room Wall Panels from Duramax. Yes, all our panels are FDA approved, have 1 hour fire grade, made in the U.S and have maximum warranty. Grow rooms ensure the safety of your plants therefore choose your wall paneling solution provider carefully.

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