Install Duramax restaurant wall panels for a clean and hygienic restaurant kitchen and dining space

waterproof vinyl panels

Most café, eatery, or restaurant owners are worried about maintaining the interior, especially the kitchen. An eating house pulls a crowd, but people are extremely concerned about the kitchen’s cleanliness and hygiene. Imagine a commercial kitchen: cooking goes on for the entire day. There is oil, grime, food particles, smell of food, and so much more. So here goes the question: how would you maintain a healthy interior? The best way is to think of installing wall and ceiling panels that have waterproof qualities. The walls and ceiling of the kitchen are mostly affected, and sometimes the damage is beyond repairs. When you have a restaurant or a cafeteria with plush décor, the kitchen should be well-maintained as well.


An eating hub also undergoes regular inspections from the state to ensure you are supplying quality food and running a healthy kitchen. There are various types of wall panels, but vinyl has water-resistant qualities. Are you looking for a vinyl panel manufacturer in the USA? Duramax has been offering solutions for more than 40 years. We supply the highest quality, long-lasting, and affordable vinyl panels made from the highest quality vinyl. We supply vinyl panels for various commercial spaces. So, we have restaurant wall panels designed for installing in the restaurant interiors and inside the kitchen. This helps to create an interior that is clean, hygienic, and damp-free. 

Our panels are manufactured by experts keeping in mind each and every requirement. All panels are ASTM certified and are FDA compliant wall panels. Our products run through an automated quality check to ensure the clients get panels having no defects. You can have a consultation with our experts and in case you do not wish to visit our store, choose an online consultation. We have interacted with so many clients who are interested in installing restaurant wall panels even in the dining area for renovation purposes. Post installing panels, the restaurant looks as good as new. 

The panels are made implementing the most updated technology. The panels are also incredibly long-lasting; they can last for almost 30-40 years without undergoing any repairs and reinstallation. The panels are for a lifetime; you invest only once and remain sorted for the longest time. 

Duramax wall panels do not require daily maintenance and cleaning. Vinyl panels have a very smooth surface; there are no gaps, no cervices, meaning no bacteria can survive underneath its surface. The installation process is very simple; you need to hire only one expert for assembling. You also do not need to invest any extra amount on purchasing any extra material. You can install a PVC panel very quickly, and there is no need to invest in any backers, rivets, lamination, etc.

If you have installed our panels, you can share pictures with us. Vinyl is the best choice when you consider installing wall panels. Are you looking for a credible wall panel supplier? Please book a consultation with us; you can also visit our website. Ask for a free sample and request a quote.


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