Install Duramax’s ASTM certified food processing wall panels inside your unit

food processing wall panels

Food processing units have a lot of moisture inside, and you need to be very careful about the interior’s hygiene. Food is very perishable and storing it properly is very important. Food, whether cooked, semi-cooked, or in the raw form must be stored in a very clean and hygienic interior so that no bacterial infestation happens. So, you cannot run a food processing unit successfully if the interior is not appropriately maintained. Do not keep the walls and ceiling uncovered; instead, install wall panels. There are various types of wall panels available in the market, but vinyl panels are different and beneficial compared to all others. 

You can do thorough research about various panels and refer to the Duramax website to know more about plastic panels. Duramax has been designing vinyl panels for more than forty years. We are very reputed in supplying vinyl panels for different commercial use. We also offer customized solutions to our clients. Vinyl panels come with so many advantages, like its durability, affordability, waterproof nature, etc. 



Our panels can keep food items fresh:

Temperature plays a very crucial role in food processing; insulation is the key. Duramax food processing wall panels help in keeping food items fresh for an extended period of time. By now, we have so many clients from various industries who are satisfied with our vinyl panels. If your food processing unit is full of moisture and dampness, you can talk to our experts and choose to install the very durable and long-lasting vinyl panels. If you do not know much about vinyl panels, spend more time researching it. We are also offering online consultation during this pandemic. 

The panels can last for 25-30 years:

Duramax vinyl panels, once installed inside your food processing unit, can last for about 25-30 years without showing any signs of damage. Installing the panels is very simple and inexpensive. You do not require investing in any additional materials while installing the panels. Also, hire one contractor for sufficient installation, and if two people are doing it simultaneously, it would only speed up the process. PVC panels are attached directly to the studs, and there are no backers needed. 


ASTM certified vinyl panels – 1-hour fire grade:

Duramax PVC ceiling panels and wall panels have a one-hour fire grade; this can prevent fire hazards for up to 1-hour. These panels are chemical resistant, odor-proof, and do not stain easily. Quality is something we do not compromise; our panels are ASTM and CFIA certified and FDA compliant. These vinyl panels are 4 times more durable and longer-lasting compared to other wall panels. Did you hear of the money-back guarantee? We give back $25,000 labor charge coverage.


Low maintenance vinyl panels:

Installing our panels can save you from cleaning the walls regularly. Once you install Duramax vinyl panels, the walls and ceiling do not require regular maintenance. Wipe the panels with a damp cloth to keep the panels clean. 


Final words

Please visit our website for information; you can read testimonials or interact with our team. Stop finding FRP suppliers, call us for a free sample, and request a quote.



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