Install PVC Dairy Wall Panels from Duramax and Make the Interiors More Robust

Dairy wall panels

The interior of the dairy facility needs to be maintained with proper sanitation and hygiene. A dairy room is filled with a lot of dampness due to spilling of liquids, fluids, and a lot of milk. Also, a damp interior is considered as an ideal condition for milking. So much moisture getting absorbed in the walls can actually lead to damage. Choose a waterproof wall paneling solution for our dairy room.


Choose Duramax vinyl dairy wall panels that are water resistant, mold-resistant, are antibacterial and have a 1 hour fire grade. All PVC panels are able to endure high pressure, thus ideal to meet your requirements. All vinyl panels are FDA compliant, they are all ASTM tested. We manufacture white vinyl light reflective panels that evenly distribute the reflected light. Our vinyl panels have the longest lifespan when it’s compared to all other wall paneling materials.

PVC panels are highly waterproof but FRP panels’ inspite of being water-resistant can attract moisture through the backers and water gets accumulated inside which leads to mold formation. Vinyl panels do not require backers; our sheets are sturdy enough to keep moisture away. If you install PVC panels, you can have a hygienic dairy room which is very essential for storing dairy products.

These panels are easy to install and require just one professional to carry out the task of installation. If two people are engaged in the installation the task gets faster. But FRP panels are not easy to install and require a minimum of two professionals to complete the installation. Vinyl panels are easy to install, it gets attached to the studs directly, and there are tongues and grooves for interlocking. When you install PVC panels, you do not require any other materials like adhesive, rivets, backers and the process gets completed very fast. Once the installation is complete, the panels won’t delaminate, won’t absorb moisture and the panels are not vulnerable to water vapor.


PVC panels have a very smooth surface and this is why we manufacture panels with no cervices so that the surface does not harbor any hidden bacteria. This is mainly why vinyl panels are easy to clean and maintain. The panels do not require any routine and rigorous cleaning.

Duramax is one of the most reputed and renowned PVC panel manufacturers offering wall paneling solutions for more than a decade in the US. Right from the inception, the organization has believed in transparency and seamlessness. We have catered our services to numerous commercial establishment owners in this area. We have received accolades for our good services and we hope to continue with the good services in the days to come.

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