Use Duramax Vinyl Panels for High Moisture Environments


Talking about building materials, you have FRP panels, tile, brick, wood, vinyl panels, cement and a lot more. Walling and ceiling solutions in areas that are filled with moisture need extra safeguarding. Choosing the right building material for the job can determine the success or failure of the project. Now, if you had experience with FRP wall board installed, you can understand the pain dealing with FRP. Choose the waterproof vinyl panel to use for your next project. At Duramax, we suggest discarding expensive FRP because we manufacture high-quality, easy to install PVC wall panels. Plastic panels are for being waterproof, ideal for high moisture areas, and industries like commercial kitchens, grow rooms, dairy rooms etc.


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Industries that need waterproof vinyl wall panels

Exposure to excess chemicals and moisture can damage the walls and ceilings; therefore, investing in PVC panels is a long-term solution.

Dairy farm – Dairy farms are very much prone to excess moisture, the quick formation of mold and bacteria, and other issues related to hygiene. FRP panels are not a good idea because there are spaces in-between the panels, which leads to water absorption and mold in the wooden backer. Vinyl panels have no such problems; thus, there is no scope of bacterial growth and spreading. Your dairy products and the workforce would remain safe.

Commercial kitchen – A commercial kitchen is a place where there is ample moisture accumulation due to excessive cooking throughout the day. The walls and ceilings are very much prone to damage due to too much heat, oil dripping, and dampness. If you are running a commercial kitchen and wish to improve the interior and the environment inside, install vinyl panels. Duramax panels help to keep your kitchen clean and fresh.

Grow rooms

Your cannabis plants would not survive in excessive moisture and mold. Our PVC panels are ideal for your grow rooms. We design light reflective panels very much apt for your grow rooms; your cannabis plants need light to survive. FRP tends to accumulate mold and does not reflect light well, which is not suitable for grow rooms. Walling and ceiling is quite an investment; therefore, it’s wise to invest in vinyl panels. Vinyl panels help your plants to grow in good condition.

Car washes

The walls of car washes need extra protection; the walls are prone to excessive chemicals and water accumulation. In car washes, FRP panels do not offer adequate protection, and those panels can delaminate after usage, and you need to replace again. PVC panels, on the other hand, are a great choice, less expensive than FRP yet super durable and require only a single person for installation.  The vinyl panels have grooves and tongues ideal for interlocking with one another.

Final words

To summarize, there are so many industries that depend on installing PVC wall panels. Other sectors include poultry farms, agriculture, food processing, fisheries, and many more. At Duramax, we understand your requirements, and this makes it easier for us to craft vinyl panels to perfection. It’s time to forget about FRP wall panels go-ahead to install premium vinyl panels from Duramax. All our products are manufactured adhering to the guidelines, and they are FDA approved. Call us for a quote and a free sample at 323-831-3979.



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