Install Waterproof Vinyl Panel from Duramax – Keep Your Dairy Rooms Healthy and Hygienic

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Are you running a dairy room, its filled with moisture but you are worried about the walls and the ceiling? If the dairy room smells of damp that means it’s not hygienic and you need to do something about it. In fact dairy rooms demand maintaining a lot of hygiene. It’s a place where dairy products are stored so you need to ensure that there won’t be any food poisoning after consuming. Milk and other dairy products are for all and even babies consume. Dairy room walls and ceiling attract a lot of moisture which cause immense damage to the walls. You need to be very careful with edible products and there are so many laborers working there and you also need to be careful about the cows there. So, if you are being careful, ring down the old FRP panels and install waterproof vinyl panel from Duramax.

You can never free your dairy room from moisture because a moisture-filed environment is considered as an ideal milking condition. What you can do is protect the interior from dampness. This time renovate your dairy farm using premium quality vinyl wall panels from Duramax. FRP is known for not being waterproof at all so this is not the ideal solution for a moisture-filled environment. Moisture seeps through the surface and spoils it within a few days of installation.

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Now you might be planning to revamp your dairy farm, choose the finest quality PVC panels that can offer value for money. Duramax is highly reputed for manufacturing waterproof vinyl panels for more than a decade now. We have so many clients who are willing to discard rotten FRP panels and switch to the very elegant and durable vinyl panels ideal for damp conditions. Vinyl panels can keep your walls from rotting and corroding.

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If you compare vinyl with FRP the latter is prone to delamination and can rot with time, thus it needs higher maintenance. Now if you are looking for a brand that manufactures the finest vinyl panels, none can beat Duramax. Our panels are made to last for very long, its resistant to weather, environment and fire. Our panels are very easy to install, it’s extremely light-weight and have very smooth surface. But FRP requires more than two people for installation so you have to spend more on labor changes. With vinyl panels, you can install it yourself. While installing vinyl panels, you do not need to fix any sort of backer or no adhesive is needed. Even if vinyl is a bit more on the expensive side when compared to FRP, it’s great durability is worth appreciating. This calls for least repairs and replacements. Vinyl also retains its look and feel or longer, this gives a newer look for a longer time.

Do you know why vinyl is gaining popularity? It’s getting more popular due to its waterproofing quality and these panels are light reflective as well. Do not be swayed towards FRP due to the low cost, invest in vinyl. Incase you desire to increase the water resistance, it’s a good idea to install a silicon based sealant in the mid of these panels so that no water vapor enters the zone.

Your dairy farm is your trade, make sure your business is running smoothly and you have a happy and healthy customers. All our Waterproof Wall Paneling solutions are manufactured in the U.S and are well known for chemical resistivity as well. Call us for more details, get in touch with us.