Keep a check on the humidity level of your grow room by installing Grow Room Vinyl Panels

Grow Room Vinyl Panels

Cultivating medicinal herbs in grow rooms involves an intensive process. These plants need flexible configurations for growing; they also generate a lot of heat and energy. The air circulating in the atmosphere is moist, and this results in wet air. Grow rooms are prone to accumulating a lot of dampness. Excessive damp walls are a big problem, whereas a little humidity is good for the plants’ growth. It is important to take care of the ceiling and walls to ensure that your grow room is ideal for the plants’ growth.

Vinyl panels are ideal for damp commercial interiors; they are used across various industrial sectors. Grow rooms are popular in the USA, a way of growing medicinal plants indoors. Excessively soggy and damp walls are the breeding ground of mold, bacteria, and micro-organisms. This leads to hygiene issues inside your grow room and can also damage the interiors. The best way to maintain your grow room interiors is to install grow room vinyl panels.


ASTM and FDA compliant wall panels

Duramax Vinyl Panels in the USA has been manufacturing functional PVC panels for the past 40 years. The panels are waterproof, do not attract any moisture. We have a team that constantly researches to design modern and advanced panels. We are among the renowned PVC panel suppliers in the USA. The vinyl panels are ASTM and CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. Our vinyl panels are checked for quality via an automated process before it is shipped to your location. Our panels are easily customizable. Duramax has clients from various industrial sectors, they have trusted our products.

Simple cleaning process

Duramax’s vinyl panels have unparalleled control over the heat properties, and functionality of grow rooms. The PVC panels for grow room walls offer insulation properties. The panels have a very smooth surface; this does not allow bacteria to thrive beneath its surface. Also, the panels do not attract any dirt or debris, which makes cleaning and maintenance easy. The panels take less than 5 minutes to clean. Wipe with water and light detergent to keep the panels clean and shining. You can also sanitize the panels’ exterior surface during the cleaning process or repurposing of the room.

Light-reflective wall panels

Light is essential for medicinal plants’ growth, so grow room owners need to spend a lot of money installing proper lights. You can keep your energy bills low by installing light-reflective vinyl panels. The PVC panels can distribute the reflected light, which lowers the energy bills, which is a long-term saving.

Long-lasting and durable vinyl panels

If you are planning to choose wall panels inside your grow room, choose to install only vinyl. Drop the idea of installing FRP panels as they are not suitable for installing damp interiors. The panels can last for more than a century. Our panels can last for 40-45 years without much maintenance.

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