Keep your meat packaging facility in good condition by installing meat packaging wall panels

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Meat packaging facilities have a lot of moisture inside and you can imagine how unclean the walls can become. It’s a space that demands regular cleaning and a lot of hygiene so that the meat that is being sold is fresh, free from any bacteria. When you are setting up a meat packaging facility, you need to be careful about the interior. Do you own such a facility with uncovered walls affected by a lot of moisture? Are they full of stains and now you want to do something about it? 



Durable and long-lasting vinyl panels: 

The best thing you can do is to install vinyl meat packaging wall panelsWhen we advise choosing vinyl, there is a reason why we do that. There are various types of wall coverings, but you will select the most efficient one, the most longer-lasting one. Spend some time over the internet conducting some research work related to wall panels. You can also visit the Duramax website to collect full information about vinyl wall panels. 

When you think of food processing, the word ‘perishable’ comes to mind. Moisture or dampness is very harmful to such food-related commercial setups. Duramax has been manufacturing vinyl panels for various types of commercial interiors for more than 40 years. We are the leaders in offering wall panel solutions to multiple clients in the USA. 

100% waterproof vinyl panels: 

Now it is essential to know why Duramax wall panels are immensely popular. The specialty is waterproofing; all our panels are 100% waterproof. These panels do not have backers; thus, there is no way moisture can get into the walls or affect the panels. Our panels can also maintain the right insulation keeping the raw meat fresh for a more extended period. Duramax has supplied wall panels to reputed meat packaging facilities, and we have received excellent reviews. 


No regular cleaning needed: 

We can imagine how frequently you need to clean the walls, do not worry because we also offer washable wall panels. But our panels also do not require any regular or rigorous cleaning. This saves cost, time, and hassle; our panels are low maintenance. It does not take 5 minutes to wipe off the panels or wash with a light soap or detergent. 

Duramax panels are certified and have 1-hour fire grade:

Duramax panels are certified and are manufactured, maintaining all safety protocols. Our panels have a 1-hour fire grade; this ensures no fire hazard for up to one hour. If you see fire, you have time to extinguish or do the needful. These vinyl meat packaging wall panels are odor-proof, chemical-resistant, and do not have issues like staining. These are 4x times more durable than any other wall panels. Also, we ensure the panels are ASTM and CFIA certified; the panels are FDA compliant. 

Final words:

With Duramax wall panels for meat packaging facilities, you can save almost 50% of the labor expenses and 40% of material costs. Choose Duramax wall panels and get rid of reinvestment; our panels, once installed, can last for almost 25-30 years. You can visit our website for more information, talk to our experts, and forget about FRP suppliers.

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