Keeping Your Dairy Room Moisture Free By Installing PVC Panels from Duramax

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Are you all in readiness to open a dairy room and thinking about the ways and approaches to keep the interiors free and sanitized? Remember a dairy room is always loitered with liquids along with other types of fluids. The moist environment is ideal and tailored for milking but it is harming the walls and ceiling. Now setting up your dairy generally costs more and you might not want to reinvest any sooner.

You can consider walling to make the walls durable and long-lasting. Generally, individuals consider FRP as it costs low, but we as one of the professional PVC panel manufacturers in Ventura opine to adopt vinyl paneling. Remember you need to think of waterproofing and there is no better option than PVC, as it ideally benefits as the perfect walling solution. 

Our clients who have already installed PVC wall panels are aware of the advantages. We have tried and catered the best solution so far and we would continue to do so in the days to come. The record of Duramax has been exemplary and we hope that our future clients will also shower the accolades on us.

  1.     Why diary rooms need PVC wall paneling–
  •       Are you aware of the fact that a diary room is an area that needs to be hygienic enough? The milking needs to be seamless.
  •       The milk that is extracted needs to preserve safely, with care and the animals are to be taken proper care.
  •       The animals residing there needs to have an ambiance that should be devoid of bacterial infection, mold along with mildew. If the mildew is accumulated and moisture accumulation is more it might prove to be detrimental for the animals.

The best possible option that you have in hand is to get in touch with Duramax and bid goodbye to FRP.


  1. The PVC panels manufactured by Duramax are extremely durable

The PVC panels these days are being widely used in numerous industries mainly all those that have the tenacity to retain moisture. The wall panels manufactured by Duramax are extremely durable and long-lasting. 

It has a smoother surface and requires less or minimal maintenance. Going by the statistics individuals in the yesteryears were more in favor of FRP because of the price. Undoubtedly the price is a bit more for PVC, but the advantages are plenty. Apart from being durable, it also does not allow even a bit of moisture to seep in keeping your walls extremely dry.

  1.  PVC wall panels for a better tomorrow

The FRP is not at all long-lasting as compared to PVC panels for wall. Once FRP is installed it needs continuous inspection. The professionals need to be called too often for repairing and at times replacement is also required if it fails to withstand pressure.

All we can say is choose Duramax and witness the difference of positivity by installing vinyl wall panels. We ensure that all panels made by us are FDA compliant. Being the biggest manufacturer of PVC wall panels you can always count on us. We are ready to help you out as and when is required.