Lucy decided to install waterproof vinyl panels in her restaurant’s commercial kitchen

Waterproof Vinyl Panel

Lucy has a small eating joint; she did set up one recently in California. She is doing the interiors of her kitchen, so she got ample suggestions from her friends about setting up the interior. She was ready to invest once and not repeatedly. 



The restaurant’s kitchen space would be pretty busy, so she needed to take extra care. Many suggested her not to leave the walls bare, instead install wall panels. Lucy started researching the internet for wall panels and came across various types. Now she wanted to spend time knowing about the different kinds of panels available in the market. 

She got suggestions for installing PVC panels, a waterproof solution that can safeguard the commercial kitchen walls and ceiling. When Lucy contacted us, she told her that her friends had informed her about Duramax. Duramax is one of the most reputed vinyl panel manufacturers in the USA. Now, we are also open to the online consultation, and there is nothing to worry about. 


Customized vinyl panels for commercial use:

By now, Lucy was aware of the advantages of vinyl panels. She also researched the Duramax website to know more about the benefits of waterproof vinyl panels and their services. It’s been more than forty years since we have been designing wall panels for commercial use and customizing as per your requirements. So far, we have catered to plenty of clients who wanted to protect their commercial kitchen walls and ceiling. We explained to Lucy more about vinyl panels and she agreed to install nothing but Duramax. 

Long-lasting and durable panels:

Our panels are a one-time investment, so do not hesitate to pay the price. Once installed, the panels would last for almost a lifetime, about 25-30 years post-installation. The installation process is simple and inexpensive; you do not need to install any additional backers; you do not require investing in any extra materials or spend a hefty amount on installation. Only one contractor is sufficient for the installation process. 


ASTM certified and FDA compliant vinyl panels:

Duramax vinyl panels are ASTM certified and FDA compliant. Quality assurance is our priority; all the panels are checked for quality before delivering to the clients. Our panels have a 1-hour fire grade; this prevents any sudden fire hazard. The PVC wall panels are installed indoors and also have chemical resistivity. 


Light-reflective vinyl panels: 

Lucy was excited to hear that she could save money by installing waterproof vinyl panels in the long run. If you are eager to know the same, here is the information for you. Vinyl panels are white, clear, and light-reflective. They can distribute the reflected light evenly, and this supplies enough light to the interior without installing too many lights, and you can save on your energy bills. 


Cleaning and maintenance are part and parcel of a commercial kitchen but not after installing a PVC panel. Our panels do not take more than 5 minutes to clean, and no regular cleaning is needed. 


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