Maintain your food processing unit interior by installing food processing wall panels

food processing wall panels

Food processing units have excess moisture and dampness inside, hygiene being an essential factor. You should be cautious about the cleanliness of the interior. Food is perishable and it should be stored very properly without letting it get affected by bacteria and mold. 

Vinyl is a unique walling option:

Whether cooked, semi-cooked, or raw, you should store it in a clean and hygienic unit. You can’t run a food processing unit effectively if you do not maintain the interior.

Try not to keep the walls and ceiling uncovered; you should install food processing wall panels. There are different sorts of wall panels available in the market. Have you heard of vinyl panels? Yet vinyl boards are unique and a durable solution contrasted with all others. 

Duramax offering vinyl panels for over 40 years :

You can carry intense research about different types of wall panels, and you would surely come across the Duramax site to find out about plastic boards. Duramax has been designing and manufacturing for over forty years. Duramax panels are ideal for commercial use; we offer the best quality vinyl panels in the USA. 

Insulated vinyl panels for your food processing unit:

Temperature plays an extremely significant role in food processing; insulation is vital. Duramax food processing panels help in keeping food items fresh for an extended period. At this point, we have countless customers from different enterprises who are happy with our vinyl boards.

You can install Duramax PVC panels quickly without hassle:

Once introduced inside your food processing unit, Duramax vinyl panels can keep going for around 35-45 years without getting delaminated or damaged. Installing the panels is economical and quick. You don’t need to put resources into any extra materials while installing our vinyl boards. For a quick and successful installation, hire a temporary contractor in your area. If two individuals are completing the installation process, it would just accelerate the cycle. PVC panels are joined directly to the studs, and there are no backers required. The absence of backers is an advantage. It can keep your walls and panels damp-free. 

ASTM and CFIA certified vinyl panels: 

Duramax PVC panels have a one-hour fire grade. This can forestall fire risks for as long as 60 minutes. These panels are also chemical safe and don’t stain easily. We don’t compromise with; our boards are ASTM and CFIA certified and FDA complaints. These vinyl panels are enduring and long-lasting contrasted with other wall panels. 

Duramax vinyl panels require the least cleaning:

Introducing our vinyl boards can save you from cleaning the walls consistently. When you introduce Duramax vinyl panels, the walls and ceiling don’t require everyday cleaning and maintenance. Wipe the panels with a soft fabric to keep the panels clean. 

Final Words: 

Visit our website for lots of information; PVC is the best solution for damp walls. We are among the most renowned vinyl wall panel suppliers in the USA. Buy PVC wall panels from the Duramax store. You can ask us for a free sample and request a quote. 



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