Maintain your restaurant kitchen walls by covering with plastic wall panels for commercial kitchen

plastic wall panels for commercial kitchen

Are you worried that your restaurant needs maintenance? Most commercial kitchens get old and damaged very fast. These are heavy-duty areas where food is being cooked all the time. The walls become sticky and oily; there is a lot of moisture and grime. If you own a restaurant, you would know that there is a team that conducts regular inspections. This is also one very important reason why you must maintain your commercial kitchen. Do not keep the walls uncovered; instead, cover with plastic wall panels for the commercial kitchen



100% waterproof and durable vinyl panels:

You can search the internet for vinyl panel manufacturers; you would find Duramax ranked on top of all major search engines. We are the leaders in supplying various types of vinyl wall panels ideal for commercial use. Our panels are mainly used in areas where there is a lot of moisture; the vinyl panels are 100% waterproof. Vinyl panels do not attract any bacteria keeping your food healthy. 

Duramax PVC panels are incredibly durable; once installed, they can last for a lifetime. The panels can last for about 25-30 years without getting damaged; this is almost a lifetime. Also, the panels are easy to install; there are no complications or hassle involved. PVC panels are attached directly to the studs; this makes the process even more comfortable. Also, the expenses involved in installation are low. You do not require investing in any additional materials or labor costs. Only one contractor is sufficient for the installation. 


Quality-checked and certified vinyl panels:

Are you looking for quality vinyl panels? All suppliers do not offer similar quality; Duramax offers certified vinyl panels. Our panels are ASTM certified; this ensures we offer panels that are only FDA compliant wall panels. All our products are checked for quality before they are delivered to the clients. The panels are run through an automated quality check. 


White and light-reflective vinyl panels:

Duramax vinyl panels are white; this gives a clean and bright look. Also, the panels are light-reflective. Duramax panels are capable of equally distributing the reflected light. This helps in keeping your energy bills low. The panels also have a 1-hour fire grade; this means the panels can prevent any sudden fire accidents. The panels are also chemical-resistant and can endure high pressure and all other conditions. 


FRP unsuitable for commercial kitchens:

A lot of clients wish to know whether FRP panels are suitable for commercial kitchens? The answer is no; FRP Panels are not suitable for moisture-filled commercial interiors. FRP panels have backers that attract moisture, which gets into the walls and damages them. The backers are made of OSB, Plywood, or Drywall, and it soaks moisture very quickly. Duramax vinyl panels require no backers, and this ensures no moisture gets into the panels. The panels can keep your commercial kitchen hygienic. 

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