Maintaining the optimum humidity factor is no more challenge with grow room wall panels

Maintaining a favorable environment inside an indoor grow room can be a challenge. Grow rooms are generally very humid, which is a boon for the growth of medicinal plants. Humidity is one of the essential elements that is considered in cannabis cultivation. But the most important factor is to understand the level that is needed for boosting plant growth. If you own a grow room facility, learn to regulate the moisture factor.


Controlling the humidity is a challenge

When the moisture level is low, the dry conditions can help grow spider mites, and when the moisture content is high, it creates an environment for Botrytis and other microorganisms. When the humidity level is low, the rate at which plants draw water from the soil is increased. But when the moisture content is very high, the water absorption rate is reduced. The general humidity for all growth stages can be between 60% to 75%; it should not be more than 80% or drop below 50%. 

Insulate well with the grow room wall panels

There are many ways to maintain an optimal moisture level; one such is installing customized grow room wall panels. Building techniques have experienced a lot of advancement. One of the most efficient ways for creating a stable growing environment is to seal and insulate the grow room adequately. It does not matter whether it is snowing or raining outside; the indoor environment will not be affected by external climatic changes. 

ASTM certified and FDA-compliant grow room wall panels can prevent excess moisture from seeping into the grow room walls keeping the interior optimal. Then many grow room owners also install an oversized air conditioning unit for proper movement of air. 

Duramax in the USA catering to clients from various industries

Now the next challenge is to choose a company that manufactures high-quality vinyl wall panels. Grow rooms in the USA are a very common technique, and Duramax has supported grow room owners for so many years now. We are into manufacturing vinyl wall panels for over 40 years now. We have interacted with so many clients in these years and have customized panels for various commercial uses. 

Smooth surface without any cervices

Duramax PVC panels are very smooth; they have a crease-free surface which is not favorable for bacterial growth. Also, due to smoothness, the panels can reflect light evenly. Grow room plants require a lot of light for their healthy growth. But when you install PVC panels, you do not have to install too many lights. The panels are light-reflective, which means the panels can equally distribute the reflected light. This can lower your energy bills. 

How effective is your grow room?

Grow room plants grown under sufficient conditions can retain their effectiveness and medicinal value. If you have a perfect grow room, you can have a better business. Please visit our website for more information. You can research more about the advantages of vinyl panels. Duramax manufactures affordable vinyl panels that can be easily installed within a few hours. We are one of the most renowned PVC Panel Suppliers in the USA. 

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