Mitchelle installed waterproof wall paneling solutions from Duramax

PVC panel for wall

Mitchelle owns a little eatery close to the Bay Area, and its been quite some time she is running the joint successfully. She called Duramax only after noticing that the kitchen walls are getting affected by dampness. There is a lot of moisture prevailing in the commercial kitchen because there is rigorous cooking for hours. Instead of leaving the walls bare, it’s good to cover up with wall panels. There are various types of PVC panels for wall  available in the market, but she researched to find out that vinyl panels are the most popular. 


Affordable vinyl waterproof panels: 

She noticed that there was oil dripping, sticky walls, grime, a lot of dirt accumulation, and the walls being damaged day by day, which could increase her expenses. When she shared images with us, we knew precisely when the walls needed. Vinyl panels are 100% waterproof in nature, the only solution for commercial kitchen walls. Our waterproof wall paneling is affordable and made from the highest quality vinyl sheets. 

FRP panels not suitable for commercial kitchen interiors – Install vinyl panels instead:

Vinyl panels installed on the walls can enhance the hygiene and cleanliness of the commercial kitchen interior. The walls would be free from stains and grease, once installed, our panels can last for a lifetime without getting affected. Mitchelle asked us whether an FRP board would be suitable for the walls. We explained that FRP panels are not ideal for moisture commercial interiors. 

The FRP panels have backers made of OSB, Drywall, or Plywood, which attracts a lot of moisture and gets affected by mold due to the accumulation of water vapor. The moisture travels from the panels into the walls and seats deep inside, causing permanent damage. The panels start peeling off, and the walls get damaged; thus, you need to either spend money on repairing or replacing. 

But when it comes to vinyl panels, there are no backers that ensure there won’t be any water vapor seepage. This makes sure that PVC panels are entirely waterproof and are ideal for commercial kitchen walls. 

White and light-reflective wall panels:

We also told her that our panels are white, which gives a cleaner appearance. Duramax PVC panels are also light-reflective, and this would help you to save energy bills. Light plays an essential role in a restaurant kitchen, so it’s great if you can make some savings. Our panels also do not take a lot of time to be cleaned; they do not need regular maintenance. This saves from the hassle and expenses of cleaning. Duramax vinyl panels have a smooth surface; thus, cleaning is easy and takes the least time. Also, the panel surface is unfavorable for bacterial growth because there are no services. 

FDA compliant wall panels from Duramax:

Post-installation, Mitchelle shared some beautiful pictures with us, the kitchen walls looked terrific now. The panels are easy to install; you do not need to invest in any additional materials; one professional is sufficient for the installation. Our panels have a 1-hour fire grade; this prevents all types of fire accidents. Our panels are also chemical resistant in nature; furthermore, all our panels are ASTM certified to ensure its FDA approved. 

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