Peter replaced the FRP panels by installing affordable waterproof garage wall panels

car wash wall panels

A car wash garage has a moist and damp interior, and it can easily affect the walls and the ceiling. Owning a car wash garage is expensive and reinvesting on repairing the interior due to dampness is a pain. Why leave the car wash garage walls bare? Instead, you can choose to cover up with wall panels. There are many wall panels in the market, the most common ones being PVC and FRP. Both are competitors, and there are many reasons why you should choose PVC over FRP. Duramax is a renowned and reliable wall panel manufacturer in the Western USA; we have years of experience in designing vinyl wall panels that can be used for commercial and industrial use. Thus, a lot of clients have trusted us, and many are eager to do the same. 


We suggested the same to Peter, who owns a car wash garage; he could install our specially designed garage wall panels. He already had installed FRP panels a few years back, spending a lot of money, and now the walls are peeling off. He was desperately looking for a solution, so he asked his close ones, and most suggested he install vinyl panels. Before visiting our office, he visited the Duramax website to get an overall idea about our products and the benefits. He trusted us mainly because of our credibility, a vast client base, and forty years in the business. 

Now, we explained to Peter further that installing FRP panels for a car wash garage was not the right decision because FRP is not suitable for moist interiors. After installation, it does not possess waterproof qualities due to the presence of backers that attract moisture during every car wash. The moisture accumulates between the panels and the walls to form mold and mildew. This leads to bacteria formation, which damages the walls and the panels. The same happened to Peter’s old FRP panels and the wall. So, he agreed to install waterproof garage wall panels before its too late. We assured him that our panels are durable and made from the highest quality vinyl. Once you install a PVC panel, it can last for a lifetime of almost twenty-five to thirty years without regular maintenance. 

We assured Peter that our car wash wall panels are safe to install. The products have a 1-hour fire grade, which prevents sudden fire hazards; the panels are chemical resistant as well. We supply ASTM certified and FDA compliant wall panels, all our products pass the quality assurance test before its provided to the clients.

Car wash garages require frequent cleaning, but after installing vinyl panels, you do not have to clean the walls regularly. Also, cleaning each batch of panels is very easy, wash with water, or wipe to clean. Peter shared his prior experience of how difficult it is to clean FRP panels due to its rough surface. But vinyl panels have a smooth surface, which does not allow bacteria to thrive on it.  

The panels are affordable and easy to install; thus, you can cut 50% of the labor cost and 40% of the material expenses by choosing vinyl panels. Ask for a free sample, get a quote within one day. 


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