Plastic wall panels for commercial kitchen – The ultimate solution

FRP wall panels

Are you looking for wall panels for your commercial kitchen? You can imagine the amount of smoke, dirt, and grime that accumulates inside a commercial kitchen. It’s a heavy-duty zone where cooking goes on for long hours. It would be best if you did not keep your kitchen walls uncovered. Instead, cover the walls with wall panels. Now, there are various types of panels available in the market. Out of various types of panels, vinyl panels are the most long-lasting and have waterproof qualities. It is very important to look for a renowned manufacturer because the panels’ quality varies from one company to another. 


Duramax – the market leaders

If you are looking for plastic wall panels for a commercial kitchen, trust Duramax. We are one of the leaders in manufacturing class-apart and professional vinyl panels ideal for commercial use. Our panels can maintain a healthy and hygienic interior inside commercial areas that are filled with dampness. When you reach the Duramax store, you have direct access to vinyl panels. We have a solution for all types of budget buyers; we also customize panels according to your requirements. 

ASTM certified vinyl panels 

All our panels are ASTM certified and are also FDA-compliant wall panels. This guarantees the best quality panels. Our panels are ideal for commercial kitchens; we have many clients from the restaurant and food processing sector. Our panels are largely used across a wide number of industries, including grow rooms, car washes, schools, hospitals, stables, fisheries, hog farms, wash-stations, inside agricultural facilities, and more. 

Lightweight vinyl panels 

Our panels are lightweight and have superior strength. It’s a long-term solution as PVC panels do not get damaged easily. The panels can remain in very good condition for many years; once installed, you do not have to worry for another 40-45 years. So, when you spend money to install PVC panels, you do not have to worry about reinvestment. 

PVC panels do not have backers

Our panels do not have backers; this is the main reason why the vinyl panels do not attract any bit of moisture from the surrounding interior. The panels are attached directly to the studs, ensuring that the panels would be damp-free along with the walls. When you install vinyl panels, you can rest assured that the walls underneath remain in great condition. 

Simple installation process

Please go through our website for more information; you can place your order and take only 5 business days to ship the order. The installation process is very simple; it does not take any hassle to complete the process. Only one contractor is sufficient for the installation; hiring two contractors would only speed up the process. Duramax panels are white; the interior looks clean and tidy. Also, the panels are light-reflective; they can easily help you save on energy bills for the long-term. 

Buy PVC panel from Duramax

Our panels are a modern and ideal solution to curb the dampness inside. We have a team to offer consultation and customization. Duramax also offers excellent after-sales service. Buy a PVC wall panel from Duramax and feel the difference. Request for a free sample and a quote.

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