Premium quality commercial kitchen and restaurant wall panels from Duramax

A commercial kitchen should be very hygienic, but at the same time, it isn’t easy to maintain a commercial kitchen that operates all day and night. Yes, a commercial kitchen is a very busy space, it’s a heavy-duty area, and the interior gets difficult to clean as well. The kitchen walls get very dirty. It’s full of grease, stains, food particles sticking, the paint coming off, or FRP panels delamination. So, leaving the walls bare is not a good idea, especially when installing wall panels. It would be best if you looked for panels that are not affected by dampness or humidity. 


Premium quality vinyl panels 

If you are looking for PVC panels of the most premium quality in the USA, research the market to find renowned manufacturers. Duramax has been designing wall panels for almost forty years, so we are probably the experts in offering you an ideal solution. If you are interested in online research, you will find Duramax ranking on the top of search engines. We are on the top because clients prefer the panels’ quality and the after-sales service we provide to our clients. 

There are various types of vinyl panels. All panels are not the same. The quality entirely depends on the quality we offer our clients. So, this time if you are planning to open up a new restaurant, do not leave the walls and ceiling bare or uncovered. 

100% waterproof vinyl panels 

If you are setting up a new restaurant, you cannot leave the walls and ceiling uncovered. Install a damp-proof or waterproof commercial kitchen wall panels. Duramax PVC panels are 100% waterproof and made of high-quality virgin vinyl to ensure solid durability. Duramax manufactures vinyl panels for commercial purposes; it’s efficient for areas where dampness prevails. 

No daily maintenance needed

Duramax vinyl panels do not require regular cleaning and daily maintenance. So, you are relieved from the heavy maintenance costs. The panels do not take a long time to clean; the most efficient way is to clean the panels with detergent and water to retain the shine. 

Easy to instal light-reflective panels 

In case you are planning to do the restaurant interiors, Duramax restaurant panels are hassle-free to install. You need only one contractor to complete a successful installation within a few hours; hiring two would only speed up the process. You also do not require investing in any additional materials; the panels are attached directly to the studs as they do not require any backers. 

Duramax panels are white, can keep your kitchen and restaurant interior hygienic and clean. Also, the panels can equally distribute the reflected light, helping to save energy bills. 

Choose PVC instead of FRP

FRP is not a suitable choice for wet interiors. The panels have backers that can attract a lot of moisture, causing the panels to delaminate, and the walls are damaged as well. So, investing in vinyl is a wise idea, the best for damp interiors.

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