PVC commercial wall panels is a permanent solution to damp and humid interiors

FRP wall panels

Poly Vinyl Chloride is now a widely accepted material used in manufacturing wall and ceiling panels. Vinyl has gained popularity because other materials have failed to keep up with the expectations of the customers. So, what are the prospects clients expect from wall panels? Durability is the biggest factor because a project involves costs, and people are looking for cost-saving options. But how will a panel be durable in the long run, or why can vinyl panels help make your commercial interior long-lasting? 

The Duramax story 

Here is the story of Duramax vinyl commercial wall panels in the USA, a company that has been manufacturing vinyl panels for the past 40 years. We are now one of the leading manufacturers of waterproof wall panels. According to our statistics, plastic panels are now being used in commercial sectors. Vinyl panels are waterproof, so this is one quality that makes the panels and walls long-lasting. Hence, waterproof panels do not absorb moisture or humidity, giving birth to bacteria on their surface. 


PVC panels do not have backers

PVC panels do not have backers; this ensures that no moisture would seep into the walls by any chance. So, the panels would stay intact and keep the walls in great condition. But if you are still thinking about whether FRP panels would also be suitable for commercial walls, we would suggest installing nothing but PVC. FRP wall panels have backers made of OSB, Drywall, or Plywood) that absorb a lot of moisture into the walls. Humidity accumulates between the panels and the walls to give birth to mold, which delineates the panels and damages the walls. So, FRP is not a durable option. You need to reinvest in installing new panels, and now after vinyl panels emerged, customers can differentiate.

Occasional cleaning needed 

Duramax vinyl panels do not require daily maintenance or regular cleaning. Wipe the panels occasionally with water and soap to maintain it for another fortnight before you do another cleaning. With minimal maintenance, the panels can last for more than a century, and they do not require any repairs for 40-45 years which is almost a lifetime. 

Duramax PVC panels are tested for quality before they are shipped to your location. The panels are ASTM and CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. Our panels have a 1-hour fire-resistivity which can keep away sudden fire outbreaks. The panels do not react to high pressure and toxic chemicals.

Hire a local contractor 

PVC panel is one of the most demanding FRP alternatives, a worthy material. Hire a local contractor for vinyl panel installation; it takes a few hours to complete the installation process. PVC is expensive initially, but it’s worth investing once than choosing cheaper FRP and spending more on repairs later. 

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