PVC panels can keep your shower walls free from bacteria and hygienic

waterproof paneling for shower walls

PVC panels for shower walls are zero maintenance and need nothing more than a quick wipe, and it looks as good as new for years. Tiles show their age; they gradually lose the shine with heavy use and seepage of water and moisture. Those are not 100% waterproof solution; most modern bathrooms come with high-end shower panels that look perfect and seamless. 


Top-quality PVC panels have an impermeable surface that would never erode when exposed to water and moisture. These panels are designed to fit seamlessly, which can prevent the tiniest moisture droplet from getting into the panels. As wall panel manufacturers, we can help you understand the technology more easily. If you look at a PVC panel for a wall designed by Duramax, you can notice that there are no backers, which is the most significant advantage. The backers are known for absorbing moisture; thus, its absence is beneficial. Waterproofing is the need of the hour. In a bathroom, the walls must be water-resistant, which ensures splashes of water or condensation won’t damage it. Painted or tiled walls peel off or breakdown due to the excess humidity. Vinyl panels are ideal for wet rooms; these after installation can last for a minimum of 25-30 years. 

Well, you also might have noticed that recently FRP panels are not preferred for installing in shower walls. Its mainly because FRP is not a waterproof solution. It has backers made of OSB, Drywall, or Plywood that absorbs a lot of moisture. This water vapor gets into the wall panels, also seeps into the walls resulting in damaged wall panels and dampened walls. 

PVC panels are resistant to chemicals; it has a 1-hour fire grade, which ensures that it would forbid any sudden fire hazard. Our panels are ASTM certified, and we only supply FDA compliant wall panels. Its been forty years we are into this business, and we have a team that is continuously researching modern and newer inventions related to waterproof wall paneling. 

Now our insulated panels are also beneficial in keeping the energy bills low. These vinyl panels are light-reflective; it can evenly distribute the reflected light, which automatically reduces the energy bills. The white color of the panels renders a brighter and cleaner appearance. 

Now, it’s time to put your hands up if you have spent hours cleaning and scrubbing the grout accumulated between the tiles? Due to the waterproof nature, PVC panels are anti-mold, anti-bacteria, and anti-fungal. It is very easy to clean vinyl panels, you can wipe to clean, and the smooth surface does not allow any bacteria to thrive on the surface. This ensures that waterproof vinyl panel are more hygienic and gives an aesthetic experience. This way, you can save cleaning efforts and costs.

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