PVC Wall Paneling Over FRP For Commercial Kitchens: Durability is a Key Factor

PVC Wall Paneling Over FRP For Commercial Kitchens

The commercial kitchens are one of the most common areas where the protection of the walls is essential. After all, walls and ceilings constantly need cleaning for commercial kitchens. However, in most cases, busy kitchens tend to ignore cleaning these spots. This can further lead to several issues such as mold growth in walls, unsanitary conditions from bacteria, and wall foundation peeling off as well. That is why it is essential that the owners choose a durable material that would protect the walls and ceilings and also be long-lasting.

That is one of the reasons why owners choose to have PVC wall paneling in their commercial kitchens. However, when it comes to walling, FRP panels are also not far behind. So, the main point is to find out the difference between these two panels. So keep reading the article to find out how vinyl gets a smooth victory over FRP.

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Why Are PVC Panels More Preferred Than FRP?

One of the most important factors that people have to consider when choosing the walling materials for commercial kitchen walls is the durability. Since these commercial kitchens are always subjected to a moisture-filled environment, having panels that peel off due to water vapor is not a suitable option for long-term.Vinyl wall paneling is a more popular choice for commercial kitchens because they do not peel and last a lifetime. What makes vinyl so durable and long-lasting? These panels are mechanically attached to the studs and secured by screws. In the case of FRP panels, adhesive is used that weakens over time. Such issues do not exist with vinyl panels, and hence they have more durability over FRP.

The best thing is vinyl panels meet all the FDA requirements, and that is proof enough that these panels are clean, extremely durable, and superior quality. Also, our PVC comes with a 1-hour fire grade and lifetime warranty.

Another significant benefit is that vinyl panels have anti-mold properties because these panels are moisture-proof. This further guarantees the longer lifespan of the panels because we all know that mold can be harmful to the walls. FRP panels are often susceptible to callbacks, and they tend to peel off after some time. This is something the walls don’t have to face if you install vinyl panels instead of FRP panels.

So, these are some of the reasons why the plastic wall panels for commercial kitchens are more durable than FRP panels. For those who are in immediate need of vinyl panels for their commercial kitchens, give us a call at 323-352-9279.


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