Read this before installing FRP. Save half on material and install 4x faster with vinyl

frp panels

FRP stands for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic; a light-weight material is mainly used in constructing chemical storage units, industrial equipment, apparatus, piping, and others. For years FRP wall boards and panels are being used in walling but now vinyl is taking over the market. Vinyl panels are innovative and designed to improve the experience of installation and maintenance.


FRP more expensive than vinyl

FRP is not the best because even though it is a cheap material, the installation cost is higher and you cannot consider it as a long-lasting solution. Call now for a free consultation at 323-352-9279!

Have you ever considered the huge FRP cost?  It’s so expensive and when the recent trend is cost-cutting, why must you invest in such high overall cost? The labor cost of installing FRP is very high; there is an added labor cost because it requires additional materials such as a wooden backer, glue, and fasteners. For attaching the backers, you might require two laborers, so there itself the cost increases. Instead of FRP, you can choose to install PVC because the latter is very easy and simple to install. There is no adhesive needed; instead, the installation is done screwing into the studs directly. You do not even have to screw both the sides; there is an interlocking truss system which allows the installer to screw only one side of the panel. This saves labor and time; thus your expense would be lower. The vinyl panels are incredibly light-weight, it needs no adhesive, no backer and a single person can install it.  Installing FRP is laborious, and needs to apply trim in between every panel, but in case of PVC, it’s enough to apply trim only on the perimeter of the wall. Duramax PVC recommends not installing rotten FRP, instead opting for PVC to save money on installation labor costs.

Rotten FRP susceptible to mold growth

It’s not very easy to maintain FRP wall panels, it needs wooden backers to be attached and these backers can still absorb water and allow the growth of mold. Vinyl is a great choice because there is no backer, thus no mold growth. In-between every FRP panel, there are crevices that can be a shelter to dirt and bacteria. Unlike vinyl FRP has textured surface which requires more frequent cleaning and maintenance. The surface of vinyl is extremely seamless, very smooth and easy to clean. Installing wall panels is a big investment, thus you would wish the solution existed long-term, so Duramax PVC is the answer.

There is Duramax PVC– a solution to rotten FRP

Now, if you are searching for a reputable PVC brand, trust Duramax, the leading manufacturer of vinyl panels in the U.S. Our PVC panels are ideal for wet and damp environments. No water vapor can penetrate through vinyl panels; therefore it’s a perfect walling solution. Here are the reasons why you must invest in Duramax PVC:

  •        Comes with lifetime warranty
  •        It does not need replacement
  •        Resistant to mold, damp and chemicals
  •        Smooth surface, thus easy to clean
  •        Easy and faster installation process
  •        Looks aesthetic, bright and reflects light

Trust Duramax PVC

Buy Duramax PVC, we maintain quality, offer on-time installation at affordable rates and our products have lifetime warranty. Browse our websites for offers and discounts; we make vinyl available to all customers. Call now for a free consultation at 323-352-9279!



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