Reasons To Choose Vinyl For Grow Room Wall Panels

Choose Vinyl For Grow Room Wall Panels

Choosing the perfect walling material for grow rooms can be a pretty tricky option. After all, there are so many different types of materials that are available for walling.

For a very long time, grow room owners have relied on FRP, or fiber reinforced plastic, for their grow room wall panels. However, there are specific problems that can be associated with these panels. They require much more maintenance, and they are not completely mold-resistant. There are some other issues of installation as well such as peeling, replacing, and crevices.

As a solution to that, grow room vinyl panels were innovated as a new option for grow facilities. Given below are some of the reasons why grow rooms always choose the vinyl wall panels.

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Vinyl Panels Are Easy To Install:

When it comes to the installation, the problem with FRP panels is that they require additional materials to install such as a backer and adhesive. Using backers and adhesives would mean that there is more material cost and require more time. Such an issue doesn’t exist with vinyl panels. They have a built-in backer and are ½ inch thick. Plus, you will save installation costs as vinyl panels can be done by a single person while FRP requires two. Also, without the reliance on adhesive, vinyl panels are not susceptible to callbacks due to placement errors or peeling.

Mold Resistant:

One of the innovations about vinyl panels is that they are completely mold resistant. The reason behind it is that these panels do not rely on a wooden backer so moisture absorption is not possible. We all know that the biggest enemy of the wall panels is mold. They can cause degradation in the walls and also create problems for the products as well. Without the risk of moisture absorption or peeling, vinyl walls have a long-lasting life. Also, these panels tend to last longer than Mylar and FRP panels.

Light Reflective:

Another one of the reasons why people use vinyl panels in grow rooms is because they are extremely light-reflective and they make sure energy costs are efficient and the plants have optimal growth by reflecting light in all angles.

Chemical Resistant:

These vinyl wall panels are also chemical resistant and don’t peel off after some time. They also don’t delaminate as well.

So, these are some of the reasons why the grow rooms should have vinyl panels in the first place. Choose Duramax for your grow room vinyl panels. Call 323-352-9279 today to get your project measured and quoted.


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