Rebecca is now all set to uninstall the old FRP panel at her restaurant and install new restaurant wall panels from Duramax.

Waterproof Wall Paneling

Rebecca is a restaurant owner in California, she is a perfectionist, and her eating joint is known for offering outstanding seafood. She maintains her restaurant very well. But Rebecca approached us because recently she noticed visible cracks on her FRP wall panels, and she discovered that the walls are full of damp. Day by day, the panels are peeling off, and this time she wanted to install vinyl panels. She did not have much idea about the material, the advantages, so she chose to have a consultation with our team. We guided her in the best possible way so that she can install a new wall paneling within her budget


 A restaurant wall should be spotless and hygienic, which mostly means free from grease and stains. The client was very unhappy about the condition of her walls, and she told us that it’s just been a few years that she installed a fiber-reinforced panel. We said to her that FRP panels are not ideal for commercial areas that have a lot of moisture present. A restaurant is all about the kitchen and cooking food, so the walls need extra protection. FRP panels have backers made of OSB, Drywall, or Plywood, which attracts moisture heavily; the humidity gets accumulated between the walls and the panels, which means there is mold growth leading to peeling off the panels and damp walls. But PVC panels are 100% water-resistant; it’s because of the manufacturing technology. These panels do not have backers, so there is no moisture absorption at all; the walls remain in good condition beneath the panels for years. The panels are free from mold and bacterial growth. PVC panels have numerous benefits; thus, it’s a suitable wall paneling option for the commercial sector. 

 After installing vinyl panels, she shared pictures of her restaurant with our team; she was now very confident about a damp-free, odorless restaurant interior serving fresh food to all customers. Now her restaurant looks clean and very hygienic. She hired one expert for the installation, and the entire process took very little time. PVC takes the fastest installation time, and she did not have to invest in buying extra materials like backers, adhesive, rivets, lamination, etc. But she shared with us her experience of installing FRP, that she had to spend money on other materials and hiring a minimum of two experts for the installation. 

 We ensured Rebecca that PVC panels have the most extended lifespan when compared to other wall paneling materials. The panels are also very safe, ideal for installing in restaurants and commercial kitchens, the panels have a 1-hour fire grade, and this can prevent any sudden fire hazard, the panels are also chemical-resistant. The panels are ASTM certified, and FDA approved; this makes sure that all the products are quality-checked before it’s out in the market for sale. 

 Now we advised her that our white and light-reflective panels are also ideal for keeping the energy bills low; the panels are capable of evenly distributing the reflected light. Now cleaning a restaurant is a chore, and Rebecca has laborers assigned for it. But now these vinyl panels are very easy to maintain and need occasional cleaning. The surface of the vinyl panel is very smooth and easy to clean, which is very unlike the rough FRP surface, which is rather tough to maintain. The surfaces do not have any cervices; this does not allow bacteria to grow and thrive underneath the surface. 

 Rebecca says that vinyl panels are effortless to install, so if you are thinking of investing, do not wait. Call Duramax for plastic panels, book a free consultation. Get a free sample and request for a quote.


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