Replacing FRP Panels With Vinyl Panels In Different Industries

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When it comes to building materials, many different materials are used for the industries. FRP wall panels, vinyl panels, Mylar and so much more. However, the industries that often have a moisture-filled environment require full-on protection.

In that case, the ultimate walling solution is vinyl.

Different Industries That Require Vinyl Wall Panels:

Here are some of the industries that would save time and money with vinyl wall panels in place of the FRP panels.

Dairy Farm:

One of the most critical industries to date remains the dairy farm. It is essential for the dairy animals in the farms to stay safe from bacteria and related hygienic issues.

However, FRP panels often tend to have spaces between panels in which bacteria and mold can be hide in.

As mold or bacteria grows into the wall, it can spread through ventilation. This can be dangerous for people who are working there.

Cannabis Grow Rooms:

The grow rooms require proper protection from mold forming in their walls. Hence it is imperative to get PVC panels because they tend to keep mold and moisture away. The crops just be kept in great condition otherwise they will not be sold.

The FRP panels, on the other hand, aren’t able to perform as well and have to be replaced every few years.

Car Washes:

The protection of the walls in the car washes is of prime importance. Constant water and chemicals are applied to the walls and requires a resistant material. The FRP panels are not able to provide proper protection because they tend to peel off after some time. So, these need replacement very often. Also, the FRP panels require two people to do the job whereas the PVC panels only require a single person for installation. That makes the installation of FRP cost more than the PVC cost.

There are many other industries which require the protective capabilities of PVC panels in place of the FRP panels. Some of these industries are agriculture, poultry farms, fisheries, food processing, and other areas that have a moisture-filled environment.

It is essential to find a solution that is caused due to the lack of specific capabilities that the FRP panels tend to have. So, as a result, the use of PVC or Vinyl panels is highly recommended in these industries. These panels are easy to install because the panels have tongues and grooves that interlock with each other. Also, the installation of PVC panels is a one person job.

So, having the vinyl panels would indeed be a solution to all the problems that might occur due to the FRP panels. Choose Duramax for PVC panels now. They are vinyl wall panel suppliers in your area.


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