Richard installed grow room vinyl panels to keep dampness and moisture away

washable wall panels

Richard called us for vinyl wall panels around his grow room walls. He was searching for a waterproof solution so that the dampness could not hamper the interiors. He noticed the grow room ceiling and walls getting harmed due to such a lot of sogginess inside. Grow room usually has a lot of dampness, and such a climate is ideal for medicinal plants’ development. Presently before investing in vinyl boards, he likewise asked the Duramax experts for what good reason PVC is superior to FRP, and we clarified him in detail. 


Water-resistivity is a component of vinyl panels, unlike FRP. This is because FRP has backers made of OSB, Plywood, or Drywall, which will, in general, ingest dampness that gets caught in the middle of the walls and the panels to form bacteria and microbes. 

On the other hand, vinyl boards don’t have backers, which is why these boards don’t retain water or dampness by any means. This is a significant contrast between PVC and FRP that we disclosed to Richard. This makes PVC washable wall panels free from microorganisms, safe, and ideal for installing in grow rooms. Dampness is useful for medicinal plants, yet most likely not for the walls; it’s good to make an informed decision. 

Security is also a matter of concern. Even before Richard needed to think about it, we previously imparted the data to him that the vinyl panels are made of top-notch vinyl sheets and have a 1-hour fire-grade, forestalling any immediate fire risk. All the boards are FDA compliant, and ASTM certified. 

In case Richard or any of our customers needed to save money on energy bills, a white and light-reflective PVC panel is the most optimal and rational option to install. Our panels can equally distribute the reflected light. Richard was looking for a solution like this because grow rooms need light to develop the plants.

Typically grow room proprietors need to spend a robust sum on energy bills since light is a fundamental factor. We have numerous clients who have introduced grow room vinyl panels. Vinyl has the longest life expectancy when contrasted with any remaining kinds of wall panels.  

Richard was searching for a low maintenance solution. Duramax offers high caliber and low support panels. Unlike FRP, PVC has a plush and service-free surface that is simple to clean, needn’t bother with standard cleaning as it gives zero chance for microbes to flourish. 

Also, the panels are simpler and inexpensive to install. Once installed, PVC panels can last up to 40-45 years without giving indications of harm; it is a lifetime solution. If you wish to complete a similar project like Richard, it would be ideal to book a free consultation and visit our site. We are among the top wall panel suppliers in the USA.

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