Setting up a Grow Room? Here’s Why You should Choose Vinyl Wall Panels

Duramax PVC Panels is making every commercial cannabis grower’s dream of getting high-quality yield come true through the supply of premium quality, robust grow room vinyl panels. Previously, cannabis facilities were graced with FRP panels, but the flaws of using FRP as wall panels are becoming evident today. 

FRP panels are neither as moisture-resistant as vinyl wall panels and nor are they a cheaper alternative, which is the primary reason why many cannabis growers depended on FRP panels. Initially, the prices of FRP panels seem less compared to vinyl panels, FRP panels do not come with a backer and they need additional parts for the installation to be complete. Besides that, the installation of these panels requires labor. 

Now that you know what makes FRP panels a bad choice for your cannabis growing facility, let us tell you what makes our vinyl panels a really good choice. Keep reading to find out. 

Simple, easy and stress-free installation

If you are starting your cannabis growing business from the ground up, you could do away with extra stress and financial expenses. This is where our vinyl wall panels come in. Our panels are ready for assembly. The installation of our panels does not require any additional parts and they can be assembled right away. They’re lightweight, which means that installation is a one-man job. 

Mold will not rear its ugly head

Imagine having toiled for several weeks watering, pruning and tending your cannabis plants for a strong harvest and expecting to sell for the highest market value, only to have your dreams thwarted and the crop value decreased due to the presence of mold in your grow room. You do not have to experience this with our vinyl panels. Even if you increase the humidity levels in your grow room facility, vinyl wall panels will be unaffected. They will not absorb moisture as they are resistant to humidity, and therefore, there are no risks of mold growth or rotting. 

Vinyl wall panels can reflect light

As you must be aware, cannabis plants need a lot of artificial light for their optimal growth. The downside is that artificial lighting can drain you financially and hand you with steep electricity bills. Of course, you can decrease the overall operation costs by installing LED lights as they consume less energy, but it will not make a huge difference. We have a better solution – our light-reflective vinyl wall panels. These panels have brighter surfaces, which means that they can aid you in reflecting the excessive amount of light in your grow room while reducing your energy bills and the need to install a lot of artificial lights. In the long run, our panels can help you save money while getting high-quality yield to make more money. 

Why don’t you check out our grow room wall panels? We can even send over a sample so that you can make an informed decision. For further queries, contact Duramax PVC Panels.

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