Simon installed PVC panels from Duramax to protect the cannabis grow room walls from damage

Simon was looking for a wall covering for a grow room facility that he recently started. He was very aware that if he did not cover the walls and the ceiling, those could be affected by the prevailing dampness. If you are new to a grow room or do not know much about it but wish to own one, you must understand that there is a lot of moisture inside, and that kind of internal environment is right for the plants. 


100% waterproof vinyl panels from Duramax

Simon was looking for wall panels over the internet and found that there are plenty of options. He also searched for vinyl panels online, and he could not overlook the Duramax website. He did spend much time researching because he wanted to know more about these panels and their advantages. 

He called us, and we suggested that he opt for a free consultation to answer all his queries. He was looking for a long-lasting, affordable, and 100% waterproof solution. He had a budget which he discussed with us, and we tried to offer him as per his requirements. We showed him and handed over a sample of vinyl panels that we designed for the cannabis grow room walls. 

FRP panels damage the walls by absorbing moisture – Choose PVC panels

Simon, like many other clients, also wanted to know whether he could install FRP wall panels as well. We explain this to you so that you can make informed decisions. Vinyl panels are known for their waterproof nature, and there are reasons for that. First discussing FRP, these have backers made of OSB, Plywood, or Drywall, which absorb a lot of moisture inside the panels, traveling into the walls. The humidity has no outlet, so it gets trapped within the panels and the walls to cause irreparable damage to the grow room walls

Now Duramax grows room panels that are moisture-resistant because they do not have backers. The absence of backers means so moisture can seep inside, the panels and the walls are protected from dampness. Duramax panels can keep the walls inside protected, which prevents repairs and replacements. 

FDA Certified wall panels

Our panels are entirely safe to use, and Simon was worried about the safety factors. Our panels are made from high-quality vinyl, and we do not compromise quality. Our vinyl panels are FDA compliant, and ASTM tested; the panels are also tested for quality before delivering to the client. Our panel also has a 1-hour fire grade that can resist fire hazards for up to an hour; the panels are also chemical-resistant. Simon was impressed with the features and decided. 

We also informed Simon that with our white PVC panels for cannabis grow room walls, help save energy. Duramax manufacturers light-reflective vinyl panels that can distribute the reflected light evenly. This is again a very advantageous feature, and customers would love some savings. 

Invest in long-lasting vinyl panels

It is effortless to install our panels; only one contractor is sufficient; you also do not need to invest in buying any additional materials. Our panels can last for 25-30 years after installation; ask for a free sample, and request a quote. 

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