Starke installed a commercial kitchen wall covering in the kitchen of a new student’s hostel

commercial kitchen wall covering

Starke recently joined a job as a supervisor of a new hostel facility for the students of a reputed medical college. He and his friend are both in charge of the kitchen there, and he is very particular about the food quality, the raw materials, the kitchen setup, and the hygiene. When Starke entered the kitchen, he saw that the kitchen is not adequately done. Hence, he immediately suggested the administration to allow him to complete whatever is left to be done. He had a prior experience that if the walls of the commercial kitchen would be bare, it would soon get dirty and damp due to oil spills, food particles sticking to the walls, smoke, grime settling on the walls and oil dripping down the walls, etc. This would directly affect the hygiene, and this could lead to food poisoning as well. His friend suggested he get a suggestion from Duramax; we proposed to install a commercial kitchen wall covering


Like Starke, there are plenty of customers who come to our experts for a consultation. We have a reputation because we are into this business for more than forty years. We explained to Starke how our panels are capable of keeping the walls 100% dry; we feel it’s imperative to know the mechanism. These commercial kitchen wall panels are 100% moisture resistant because there are no backers, so no water vapor can enter the panels and seep into the walls. PVC is water-resistant. We suggested he not choose FRP at all because FRP has backers from where moisture gets into the panels and flows through the walls causing damage to the walls and the panels. FRP shows signs of delamination and peeling within a few years of installation. On the other hand, PVC panels can last for 20-30 years. 

Starke writes to us a few months after installing the panels. “The wall panel is keeping the kitchen super dry, there is no smell of food around, and the space is so hygienic. Thank you, Duramax, for this amazing solution.”   

As we moved on discussing the safety of the panels, we explained to the client that our panels are suitable for installing in commercial kitchens mainly because of the 1-hour fire grade. This can prevent any sudden fire hazard; thus, our panels are safe to install. The panels do not soak in any moisture; this keeps bacteria and mold away, a significant advantage for the customers. The panels are white and light-reflective; it can evenly distribute the reflected light and save energy bills. 

When Starke asked us about the quality and whether we supply certified panels, we immediately showed them that all our products are ASTM certified and FDA compliant. All our products go through an automated testing facility before it’s released in the market. The panels are also very easy to clean; no need to maintain regularly. The surface of our vinyl panel is very smooth and there are no cervices to harbor hidden bacteria. 

It’s effortless to install commercial wall panels, you need to hire only one contractor and there is no need to buy extra materials. Statistics say, upon installing PVC panels, you can save 40% of the material cost and 50% of the labor cost compared to FRP. Post-installation the hostel administration was impressed, Starke’s idea was a super hit. 

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