Stuart installed a Waterproof Vinyl Panel inside the kitchen of his well-maintained food joint

commercial kitchen wall panels

Stuart runs his food joint, and he is also very particular about its maintenance. Now that the walls of the restaurant kitchen have become so greasy and dirty with oil dripping, stains, and color all gone, he is now interested in covering the walls and ceiling with wall panels. His friends suggested him not to choose any other wall paneling apart from vinyl. But he also heard of FRP, and his friends started making him aware of the disadvantages of FRP. A little confused, Stuart began to search the internet for a wall panel supplier, among others, he chose us, Duramax. 


Now that he booked a free personal consultation, we had time and scope to explain to him in detail. He told us that he saw our website and has gathered some information. We warned him that FRP panels are unsuitable for his commercial kitchen. It is not the right choice for zones that are prone to moisture. FRP panels have backers made of OSB, Drywall, or Plywood; thus, it’s likely to attract moisture that goes deep inside the panels, spread to the walls, and damage both. Our experts recommended him a Waterproof Vinyl Panel specially designed for a commercial kitchen. 

PVC panels are water-resistant, and this is what makes vinyl so different from FRP. The panels are also mold and bacteria-resistant, so you do not have to worry about the panels getting damaged. Hygiene is of utmost importance because food safety is related to that. A commercial kitchen should be well-maintained and always ready for inspection. We also told Mark that Duramax stresses on offering quality solutions, our panels are ASTM certified, which ensures the panels are FDA compliant. We have a quality control team to check all the products before it’s supplied to the market. A fire hazard can take place anytime in a commercial kitchen, or a cooking zone must be safe from any fire outbreak. So, our panels have a 1- hour fire grade, and this ensures that in case fire comes in contact with the wall panels, there won’t is any immediate fire accidents. The panels are also chemical resistant. 

Now, if Stuart wanted to save his energy bills, he could do it by installing our white and light-reflective wall panels. These panels evenly distribute the reflected light, and this is a salient feature of the Duramax PVC panel. The products have the longest lifespan when compared to all other types of wall paneling. 

Stuart is very aware of cleaning his restaurant, but we told him that after installing vinyl panels, he did not have to worry about cleaning those; the panels do not need regular maintenance. Unlike FRP, vinyl has a smooth surface, which is not favorable for bacteria to hide and thrive. 

Statistics say he could save 40% of the material cost and 50% of the labor charges compared to the FRP board. Installing PVC panels is effortless and inexpensive, takes the least time. Like Stuart, if you have plans, call Duramax. Visit our website for a free sample, get a free consultation, and request a quote. 

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