The benefits of installing Duramax plastic panels for cannabis grow room walls

Grow room walls

A lot of people have shown interest in growing medicinal plants indoors. This is why they are setting up indoor grow room facilities. Well, grow rooms are sensitive areas that need proper maintenance to ensure the healthy growth of the plants. Most people complain of too much moisture inside grow rooms, which causes harm to the walls and the ceiling. Yes, moisture is good for the healthy growth of the plants; thus, you can never expect a grow room that is moisture-free. It would be best if you found ways to protect your walls and ceiling. 


Why not choose to cover up with wall panels, there are various types of panels available in the market. But, when moisture is the main issue, you probably need waterproof panels. At Duramax, we are dedicated to manufacturing waterproof panels for cannabis grow room walls. You must also know that bacteria and mold are detrimental for plant growth; thus, you need to take care of that. Bacterial growth usually takes place on the walls and ceiling after they have taken in enough moisture. 

If you have a question in mind like other customers about FRP panels, we can help you with relevant information. FRP is strictly not to be installed in areas that have a lot of moisture. FRP has backers made of OSB, Drywall, or Plywood, which attracts water vapor and moisture in excess. The moisture accumulates to form mold and bacteria, which causes damage to the walls and the panels. FRP only lasts for a few years after installation; it starts delaminating and peeling off. Now you might know why vinyl panels are ideal; it’s due to the absence of backers. The absence of backers ensures no moisture seepage into the walls; thus, your wall panels and the walls remain in good condition for years. Plastic panels can last for a lifetime after installation, which is almost 25-30 years. By now, you are out of the dilemma of whether to choose vinyl panels or FRP for your grow rooms. We get calls from clients who are interested in uninstalling old FRP boards and attach vinyl panels. The ultimate solution is to choose vinyl panels for your grow room walls.

Our panels are incredibly long-lasting; you can experience faster, inexpensive installation and easy to install with the help of only one contractor. While FRP installation requires investment in additional materials and a minimum of two labors, PVC does not require any additional material cost. According to statistics, with Duramax vinyl panels, you can save 50% of the labor charges and 40% of the material cost. 

Also, Duramax panels are very safe; we offer a 1-hour fire grade, which forbids any fire hazard; the panels also have chemical resistivity. The panels are ASTM certified to make sure its FDA compliant. Another amazing benefit is that by installing our panels, you can keep the energy bills low because the panels are light-reflective. The white color panels have added brightness and can distribute the reflected light evenly. Now, cleaning is the easiest with no strict routine or guidelines. 

Choose Duramax for your next project; call us to discuss the requirements. Get a free sample; call us today for more information—request for a quote. 


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