The rising popularity of vinyl panels for Cannabis grow room in the USA

Grow Room Vinyl Panels

If you are someone who cultivates cannabis on an artificial farm, you might know how difficult it is to maintain a favorable indoor environment by keeping away dampness. Cannabis grows in a particular environment which dry and cold. But when you start cultivating in a grow room, which is a confined area, it becomes challenging to avoid dampness. It is needless to say that dampness causes bacterial and fungal growth on the Grow room walls in the USAThis is the reason you need to install a vinyl panel. 

Benefits of PVC panel:

You may wonder to keep the grow room dry why there is a need for the vinyl panel. You must know that the Grow Room Vinyl Panels are excellent in terms of resisting moisture penetration. It is the most rational option to prevent water penetration. So, no matter whether it is snowing or raining outside, the indoor environment will not be affected by external climatic changes. 

Earlier, people had to rely on FRP wall board in the USA, but it failed to provide the optimum environment for a grow room. The reason is wallboard was manufactured by using obsolete technology that could not protect the walls from moisture. The wallboards themselves became soggy by absorbing moisture from the environment. Along with that, installing fiber-reinforced panels is quite tough because it required a backer. And in order to install the wallboard, expert hands were needed, which increased labor cost. But now, when a cost-effective option is available in the market, which the best replacement for wallboard and concrete panels, then why rely on FRP. 

Cannabis is a medicinal plant, and it has to be grown in an environment that is appropriate to hold its medicinal value. So, you need to prevent the chances of microorganisms’ growth on the wall. 

Where to get vinyl panels?

In order to install PVC panels, you need to get one of the best wall panel suppliers in the USAand there is no one better than Duramax. They are called the best manufacturer for several reasons- The panels they manufacture are ASTM certified and FDA compliant. So, it can provide rigidity, durability, and hygiene all at the same time. The panels have an antibacterial coating that prevents the attack of microorganisms on the wall. On the other hand, installing the panels will also give a sense of security as they can withstand fire for an hour. 

The panels are made of top-notch vinyl sheets that have a smooth finish. Due to the smoothness of the surface, the panels reflect light evenly. It is beneficial in both ways- firstly, cannabis requires ample light, and due to reflective feature, you do not need to install too many light fittings. So, it is a cost-effective option that keeps your utility bill under check. The panels come in a white or off-white color that gives a sleek look to the interior. Along with that, the panels require very minimal maintenance. You can easily clean the wall with one swipe without putting in much effort. 

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