The Truth about using Stainless Steel panels for Interior Walling

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Building out rooms that will need heavy cleaning and water resistance will need material that can withstand moisture and easy to clean. For the interior lining of the walls, there are options like metal or plastic. Today we will talk about the pros and cons of each option so you can make the best choice

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The factors mainly are price, installation, and capabilities. Stainless steel has gotten a great reputation for home appliances due to its appearance and easy to clean. However, one thing that the user has to keep in mind is the costs. So is there an option to meet your needs without choosing the highest price? Vinyl panels are the solution.


The price of stainless steel panels for a 48×96 is around $150. That is double the price of vinyl at the moment. Paying this high of a price should raise some questions about the value received. Besides being expensive in itself, does stainless steel panels provide double the value of vinyl panels?




Stainless steel can withstand lots of impact and can be cleaned well. Applications with heavy impact may need stainless steel, like a commercial kitchen that serves as a bumper cars venue at night. However, keep in mind that stainless steel may be durable, but it can still lead to dents that are expensive to repair.


Duramax vinyl panels have been ASTM tested and have an average failure grade of 252 in-lbs. Vinyl is thick and durable, but can absorb impact due to its shock absorbtion. So keep in mind whether your project needs something extremely durable or durable enough for vinyl to handle, so you can pick whether you want dents or not.




Stainless steel panels relies on adhesive and backers to install. The labor will take much longer to install versus vinyl. Stainless steel requiring adhesive is a hassle to install and can provide vulnerabilities if water ever seeps in. The stainless steel itself is water-resistant but the adhesive that attaches the panels to the backer is not. Over the years, the adhesive will weaken, and potentially allow for water vapor to penetrate. Mold can spread and require expensive repairs in the long run.


Vinyl panels are designed specifically to prevent water penetration and mold from forming. They are screwed directly to studs or wood backer, and have interlocking capabilities that provide faster installation and seamless surface. Most other materials like FRP do not have seamless or smooth surfaces, making it difficult to clean and need replacing.


Marks and prints


While stainless steel is good at preventing stains, it is still easily susceptible to temporary marks and prints that need more frequent cleaning. If a hygienic appearance was required, stainless steel would require more effort because of this. Vinyl also gives great resistance to water, dirt, and bacteria due to its hydrophobic surface.


Overall, the main differences between stainless steel and vinyl is the durability and price. Stainless steel can handle a lot higher impacts than vinyl, but also dent a lot easier. And price is basically double the cost of vinyl. Duramax vinyl panels have been ASTM tested and have an average failure grade of 252 in-lbs. If your application does not require that level of durability, it would be a better choice to pick vinyl due to its easy installation, lower cost, and cleaner appearance. Get a free quote and measurement today by calling 323-352-9279!