Top things to consider when Starting a Laundry Business

Top things to consider when Starting a Laundry Business

When building out a laundromat, you should have a design in mind that includes easy to clean, water-resistant building material. What is important for these materials is that they maintain the quality of the structure and give a well-lit, bright, and clean appearance. Installation, cost, and maintenance are key metrics to measure when choosing the right material for your project laundromat’s needs. For free consultation or a sample, call 323-352-9279!


The drying and washing machines create a lot of heat and humidity in the laundromat. It is important that mold is prevented from forming by having wall material that does not have water-absorbing material such as wood. Keeping the wall seams airtight would be beneficial for the long term lifespan of the building. Materials that have gaps or spacing between panels such as FRP, leave the wooden backer vulnerable to water absorption. Water absorption can lead to warping or peeling of the walling material.


Most water-resistant walling material can be difficult to install. Typical material such as FRP walls, tile, or brick needs multiple steps and a lot of skill and time. For example, FRP walls require first a backer to be installed, then adhesive to be applied as the panels are strategically placed. If placed incorrectly, the panel would need to be redone before the adhesive dries. Tile or brick needs to be placed with their specific grout/cement with a skilled installer as well. Then a layer of gloss or coating should be applied as well.


Vinyl panels, on the other hand, are the new innovative solution to water resistant walling material. The panels are thick and can be installed directly into the studs. Each panel interlocks with one another giving a seamless smooth finish. Being lightweight, vinyl panels can be installed by just one person and doesn’t require much training too. This means that labor expense is lower, installation time is faster, and the job is easier.


Since most coins-operated laundry businesses have little to none employees, mold can be developed without much notice. Especially behind the machines, mold usually spreads inside the walls until it is too large to go unnoticed and becomes visible on the surface of the wall. Not only is the environment filled with moisture, but at laundromats, there are multiple cleaning agents used so messes are bound to be made. Vinyl panels solve that by being anti-mold and also chemical resistant.


People come into the laundromat to clean their clothes. It would not be appealing if the laundromat itself was dirty. Having an autonomous laundromat is the goal for most business owners. Reducing the factors as much as possible means making sure everything is easy to maintain. Wall and floor material should have smooth surfaces so cleaning is fast and easy. Any surfaces with textures, or ridges, or crevices may hide dirt and bacteria.  This makes cleaning take twice as long and not as effective. If left unchecked, dirt and bacteria can lead to unsightly stains that will be there for the long run.


Duramax vinyl panels are very light-reflective, giving a brightly lit look. Using vinyl panels means the laundromat looks cleaner and can conserve energy costs. Another aspect of vinyl panels is that they are durable and have a class A fire grade. Duramax vinyl panels meet FDA requirements and have a lifetime warranty. That means once the walls are installed, they never need replacing and peace of mind can be achieved.


Creating passive income is a lucrative business option. But it requires a lot of hard work and investing to start up. Saving for the right equipment, the right licenses, and building materials is expensive, but in the long term, the income is rewarding. Get a free consultation for your laundromat project from our trained experts by calling today 323-352-9279!



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