Top tips on why Vinyl Panels are ideal for Breweries

Vinyl Panels are ideal for Breweries

When running a brewery, picking the right building material is crucial for success. A good material will ensure fewer complications in operations and an ideal production environment. However, not all materials are priced equally and it is important to consider the overall budget as the main factor in the decision process.

The top priority in a brewery is the ability to produce a great product, and one of the factors to production is maintaining an environment that promotes safety and cleanliness. In this article we will discuss the various building materials used in breweries and their pros and cons.

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Maintenance: The most common occurrence in breweries is that they can get messy with splatters on the walls. Consistently clean the walls and equipment to ensure that the environment is anti-microbial and free from contamination. The process of cleaning and maintaining the walls happens so often that the material chosen can make a huge difference in overall time spent on cleaning. Materials with smooth surfaces and are water resistant is the optimal choice such as stainless steel or vinyl wall panels. Other materials like galvanized steel can rust due to chemicals eating away the zinc coding, or materials like FRP/plastic sheet can have rough surfaces that obstruct cleaning.

Installation: The main difference between vinyl panels and stainless steel is the price difference and also installation process. Stainless steel can be a lot higher on price due to its weight for freight and material itself. But that isn’t the only cost, installation time varies between material due to difficulty. The longer the installation, the higher the expense.

Steel panels or plastic sheets like FRP require adhesive and the adhesive itself may not withstand heat or hot liquids. Vinyl panels are great because they provide the low-cost value of plastic sheets, but with an option to mechanically fasten that makes installation faster and maintenance easier.

In conclusion, vinyl panels are extremely useful for an environment like the brewery. The constant humidity and liquids requires a walling structure that is water resistant and easy to clean. Overall in terms of durability, vinyl panels are ½ thick and does not need a backer or OSB like FRP panels. Vinyl panels have a lower cost than steel and will not rust or corrode. Vinyl panels are also immune to mold and water absorption due to not relying on a wooden backer. Call us today to get a free sample at 323-831-3979.


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