Duramax Trusscore – The leaders in manufacturing PVC Waterproof Vinyl Panel


Are you planning to replace your FRP wallboard? It is time to keep FRP aside and choose to use vinyl panels. At Duramax we are the leading manufacturer of vinyl panels, it’s even better than FRP in all aspects. So long people knew that nothing could surpass FRP, but the vinyl panel is the latest magical invention. Vinyl panels are better than every other walling and ceiling material. Get a free quote or sample, call 323-352-9279!


The importance of waterproof panels

FRP panels are not entirely waterproof, you invest much money in buying and installing, but it’s still susceptible to mold. Mold is something you cannot ignore; it usually grows in the cavities of walls or when the debris is accumulated on an adhesive surface. Some building materials like wood, FRP can stimulate mold, and there are materials like vinyl that restrict fungal growth. Installing PVC Waterproof Vinyl Panel for your residential and commercial zone is the ideal decision. Vinyl panels are not porous, and it cannot absorb moisture, therefore, arrests mold growth. For the waterproof quality of the vinyl, it is used across all industries including grow rooms, dairy rooms, commercial kitchens, laboratories, home improvement and more.

Trust Duramax Trusscore

There are many manufacturers but if you are looking for the most reputable company do not look beyond Duramax Trusscore. We have the innovators of vinyl wall panels. You are looking for quality panels and its evident that not all vinyl panels are manufactured equally. Our team is engaged in manufacturing Plastic Wall Panels Trusscore more than, and that is why we are #1 in this field. Here are a few salient features of Duramax:

Panels are all made in the U.S – At Duramax, we focus on quality first; all our panels are made in the USA and shipped immediately after order placement. All our products are manufactured in our own country; therefore, our products have the highest standards, all exceed the ASTM testing, and our panels have a class A fire rating.

More than decades of ceiling and walling experience – Duramax has more than a decade of experience in fencing, walling, ceiling, sheds and other vinyl products. We keep every factor in mind while manufacturing premium products.

We offer a warranty of a lifetime – We have happy existing customers, they are returning customers, and more and more new customers are showing interest in our products because of Duramax the name in this industry. All our products have a lifetime warranty. We offer a guarantee and also it’s backed by compensation of labor charges, we repair or replace the products.  Our customers love us for fantastic customer service.


If you have vinyl panel installation in mind, trust none but Duramax, the leading manufacturer in the United States. We recommend using easy to install vinyl or plastic panels for improving your space. Buy PVC panels from Duramax. Get a free quote today by calling 323-352-9279.