Using Vinyl Panels for Cannabis Testing Labs

grow room vinyl panel

As the cannabis industry grows through the legalization of multiple states, regulation has been in high demand for the new product. Cannabis testing labs have been racing to be constructed to meet the demand of cannabis being produced on a daily basis. Vinyl panels are perfect to use for the walling of cannabis testing labs. In this article, we point out the advantages of using vinyl panels for cannabis testing labs.

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Easy to clean

When testing cannabis and dealing with chemicals, the room can get messy easily. A walling material that is water resistant, and easy to clean can make the daily process faster and easier. Vinyl panels have a smooth seamless surface due to their interlocking sides. Cleaning vinyl panels are as easy as using a water hose due to their water-resistant properties. Other materials such as FRP have rough textures and require trim between every panel. Having walling material that makes cleaning a harder job can have big consequences over time.

Easy Installation

Vinyl panels make installation easier and faster because they do not need any additional materials. Vinyl panels directly screw into the studs and interlock with one another to create a seamless finish. FRP, tile, or cement blocks all need a wooden backer first to be installed before applying adhesive and then the walling material. The adhesive process takes twice the amount of time and requires skilled installers as well as increasing the labor cost. Cutting vinyl panels to fit is also an easier job because the cuts are clean. Materials such as FRP, cement, or tile can be difficult to cut due to cracking or chemical dust spreading all over the room.

Fire Resistant, Hygienic, and Mold Resistant

On top of the ease of handling vinyl panels, they also have properties that other materials don’t. First Duramax Trusscore has a Class A fire rating. Other materials such as FRP may be Class A to Class C. Next Duramax Trusscore vinyl panels meet all the requirements of FDA and CFIA for hygienic usage in produce. This is perfect considering materials like FRP can sometimes have toxic chemicals or materials like cement can have porous surfaces to trap bacteria. Third is that vinyl panels are completely mold resistant. Without a need for a wooden backer, vinyl panels are the only material that will never promote the growth of mold.

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