Using Vinyl Panels for Storage Facilities

Using Vinyl panels for Storage Facilities

Storage facilities can sometimes contain consumables or high-quality products that require a high level of cleanliness. The floors and walls should be kept bacteria free on a daily basis. This can be a difficult task if the maintenance team is understaffed or the facility is vast. When building a storage facility, choose a wall material that can uphold the requirements of operations while assisting maintenance. Vinyl panels are a good option because of their water-resistant properties and seamless surface, for a free sample, call 323-352-9279!


Whether the facility is processing, storing, or transporting products, the room may have humidity, leaks, or spills that occur frequently. A brightly lit room can help notice messes easier, however, not all facilities are fully built with lighting. Duramax vinyl panels are bright white and light reflective, making it an effective wall and ceiling material to use. Vinyl has a unique property that allows the finish to stay looking new for years. Other materials like drywall or concrete need layers of paint and constant upkeep.

Aside from long-term and daily maintenance, good wall material should be installed easily without much cost. Vinyl panels offer simplicity and ease by not requiring additional materials to install. Simply screw vinyl panels into the studs of the walls and interlock each panel side by side for a seamless finish. Materials such as FRP, cement panels, or drywall all require additional materials in their installation process which may lead to expensive overhead and labor costs.

Vinyl panels are an excellent option for facilities that require cleanliness and easy maintenance. Vinyl has properties that are advantageous such as water resistance, chemical resistance, and mold resistance, making the walls and ceiling looking new for years to come. When it comes to an easy and efficient installation, Duramax vinyl panels are the perfect solution for your project. Get a free quote today by calling 323-352-9279!



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