Vinyl Paneling from Duramax Is the New Innovation– Renovate Your Walls and Ceilings

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Is your FRP wallboard rotting due to damp and mold, if so then you have to replace it but not with FRP again this time. PVC panels have been proven to be more durable and long lasting then FRP. Find out why vinyl is a complete solution while FRP is just temporary. Call 323-352-9279 for a free quote and sample today!


Wall panels are supposed to be waterproof mostly but FRP has failed. Vinyl panels are trendy in places where there is high moisture content. Walls and ceilings tend to get damaged in damp areas; thus, it’s wise to install waterproof PVC wall panels. The surface our PVC panels are very smooth, and they have no crevices, therefore does not attract moisture or mold, it’s even easy to clean. It takes a single person to install vinyl panels so the cost of installation is lower and the procedure is straightforward. YOU can also save cost on vinyl installation compared to FRP because vinyl is not susceptible to any callbacks. Our vinyl panels are so light-weight and also light-reflective at the same time. Due to the light-reflective quality, we have many grow room owners as our customers. Call 323-831-3979 for a free sample today!

Who choose Duramax?

We have been manufacturing vinyl panels for years, and now we are the industry leaders. At Duramax we believe that all vinyl panels are not the same; our panels are made in the USA and are of premium quality. At Duramax, we offer quality vinyl panels at competitive pricing. One big advantage is that we have our manufacturing unit in USA so all your orders are shipped within a few days and they reach on time. Our panels have ‘A – grade’ fire rating and meet all industry standards, and is ASTM tested.

 Duramax and our replacement guarantee

We have many clients who are returning customers, happy with our products and highly recommend mainly because we offer a lifetime warranty on all of them. When you compare the vinyl versus FRP cost, it is wise to invest in a product that has a slightly higher price, but the investment is worth it. However, again, even if FRP is cheaper, the installation process is pretty expensive. We offer a guarantee that our PVC panels do not delaminate or peel over time, nor does it attract mold while FRP does. At Duramax we value commitment; we back up our guarantee by replacement compensation.

Get our free samples-call 323-831-3979

When you are searching for a reputed and experienced vinyl panels manufacturing company, your search ends when you talk to our Duramax customer service executives. We have more than a decade of manufacturing experience, and we have tied up with the most popular distributors.

 We do not hesitate to send out free samples to people on a daily basis, and we believe that customers must touch and feel the product before purchasing in bulk. Please visit us because we have a group of staff who interact with you, they measure, calculate, and would quote your project.


Did you visit our website recently? The website being the face of our business in the online world, we have testimonials of so many successful projects, they are pleased with the quality, the service, the installation and the after installation service.

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