Vinyl Panels are Considered Best for Dairy farms – Here’s Why

Vinyl Panels are considered best for dairy farms

When it comes to building or renovating dairy farm facilities, it is crucial to pick materials that offer excellent value for money. Additionally, choosing a material that is resistant to water is considered ideal as the perfect milking condition demands much moisture in the environment. You wouldn’t want the walls to start rotting or corroding within a short period. As such, vinyl wall paneling is considered to be the best choice, and in this blog, we will tell you why. Get a free quote or sample, call 323-352-9279!


Lowest cost in the long run

Initially, the price of installing vinyl wall panels might seem steep than other materials like FRP panels. Moreover, you may even find FRP and vinyl panels somewhat similar. However, there is one significant difference between the two – vinyl panels come with a built-in backer. Thanks to the backer, the panels are thick, and there is no need for any plywood or dry wood behind it.

On the other hand, FRP panels do not come with a backer and require more materials and installation time. Also, with vinyl wall panels, you do not need adhesive. So, when prices are compared side by side, dairy vinyl panels are cheaper.

Resistance to water

Vinyl wall panels are trendy among contractors for their water-resistant quality. With the installation of a silicone sealant in between the panels, the resistant capability can be doubled and made impenetrable to even water vapor. Since there is much moisture in the air of a dairy farm, vinyl panels ensure the prevention of mold growth and rotting of the walls.

Hassle-free, quick installation

Vinyl panels have the fastest installation times and designed in 16-inch widths that make it possible for one person to install the panels without seeking additional help. The panels are also independent of secondary materials including coatings of paints, adhesives, fasteners, backers and more. This means any pause in operations can be minimized to the shortest possible time.

Ease of cleaning

Probably the best about vinyl wall panels is that they can be cleaned quickly and without any fuss. Also, featuring a white, bright, and smooth surface, the panels make everyday cleaning a breeze. The same cannot be said about FRP panels as they have a rough-textured surface that makes cleaning a struggle and allows bacteria to hide in crevices. By helping you save on cleaning time, vinyl panels will enable the use of your precious time in enhancing the daily processes of your dairy farm.

Low maintenance

Most materials need a layer of fresh adhesive, coating, or full-blown replacement every few years. Repairs and replacements mean a sudden pause in operations, resulting in low revenue generation. Throughout the lifecycle of a business, this can be costly and time-consuming. Vinyl panels do not need replacing, and they are generally backed with a lifetime warranty by vinyl panel wall suppliers. They never show signs of peeling, rot or rust and as they are fastened mechanically by screws, they do not need adhesive. So, operations can run smoothly for years. 

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