Waterproof garage wall panels can keep the interiors clean and hygienic

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Car wash garages accumulate a lot of moisture inside. The best way to control the humidity level is not to use a dehumidifier but by installing wall panels. A car wash garage is filled with water, soap, car wash, oil spills, residue, and other liquids. The accumulation of dampness can deteriorate the condition of the walls and ceiling. Now, it’s very important to be wise while choosing wall panels. Vinyl has a lot of advantages compared to other types of wall panels. PVC panels can control the build-up of humidity on the walls and ceiling. PVC panels have waterproof qualities; this is why no moisture can accumulate on the wall and ceiling. 


Certified vinyl car wash wall panels 

Duramax PVC panels are used across the commercial sector, including car washes, grow rooms, commercial kitchens, restaurants, schools, fisheries, and agriculture…etc. We manufacture ASTM, CFIA-certified panels, and FDA-compliant wall panels. Our PVC panels are made from 100% pure vinyl and are water-resistant. We are among the most renowned vinyl panel manufacturing companies. We have been manufacturing PVC panels for more than 40 years. The products are quality-checked via an automated system before it reaches your doorstep. 

Easy and hassle-free maintenance

Duramax commercial wall panels do not absorb any moisture because there are no backers. This helps in keeping the wall panels free from moisture; the walls inside are protected from damage. Vinyl panels can last for many years; also, PVC panels can remain in great condition for more than 40-45 years without regular maintenance. 

PVC panels have a very smooth surface which does not allow any bacteria to accumulate on them. Also, the panels do not attract any dirt and debris, which makes cleaning very easy. Also, the panels do not take a lot of time to clean the panels. Occasional cleaning is simple with a damp cloth, water, and soap. Duramax vinyl panels are white; this gives a cleaner and brighter appearance. The panels are chemical resistant and free from toxic elements. 

Simple installation process

Duramax waterproof garage wall panels are inexpensive and hassle-free to install. PVC garage wall panels do not require investing in any additional materials. One contractor is sufficient to complete the installation process within a few hours. 

Get customized vinyl panels 

Refer to the Duramax website for details. We have client reviews and testimonials. Vinyl panels are affordable in the long-run, which means you pay a little more initially and reap the benefits.


 Are you planning to revamp your old car wash garage or planning to open up new garage space? Refer to the internet and our website for more information about vinyl panels. We are among the most experienced and renowned wall panel suppliers in the USA. We have an expert team that can customize panels based on your requirements. 

Final words

Consider installing vinyl panels and reduce 50% of the labor cost and 40% of the material expenses. Book a free consultation with our experts, ask for a free sample and request a quote.

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