What material is the best for remodeling a Boathouse?


Boathouses, or storage buildings near lakes and rivers, can be a great solution for holding boats, usually smaller boats for sports and recreation. Boathouses could also be used for living, restaurant, bar, or leisure. After years go by, sometimes boathouses require maintenance, remodeling, or experience mold. In this article we are going to discuss what Vinyl Panels are and how they fit in with boathouses.

FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) have been commonly used for water resistant walls. They are sheets of plastic that need to be glued onto a backer. If installed incorrectly, the sheets have potential to peel and need to be replaced.

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Vinyl panels are the new innovative solution. Vinyl Panels were designed after all of FRP’s flaws. Vinyl panels are water resistant, doesn’t require a backer or adhesive, and lasts a lifetime. This means that half the material cost is saved when building out a wall.

Since the waterproof panels are made completely of vinyl, water cannot be absorbed. This solves a big vulnerability that FRP panels have. Water vapor can penetrate FRP panels and seep into their wooden backers.

Although FRP panels are durable itself, the adhesive and backer are still vulnerable to their own weaknesses. Adhesive can wear, requiring repair and maintenance over the years. The backer can rot, mold, or absorb moisture.

Vinyl Panels lower maintenance requirements drastically. It has also the longest lifetime out of most building material options. The vinyl panels are resistant to chemicals, resistant to bacteria, anti-mold, and can’t peel like FRP does.  

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Overall when it comes to buildings in wet zones or deal with humidity, water resistant walls should be a priority. Vinyl panels were specifically designed for environments like these. Start your project today and have the peace of mind tomorrow.


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