Why Commercial Kitchen and Other Industries Are Choosing PVC over FRP?

PVC Wall Paneling Over FRP For Commercial Kitchens

There are many types of walling and ceiling materials available, but PVC panels are known for a few unique qualities. Hence it’s used for residential and commercial purpose. Some areas are having very high humidity content like commercial kitchens, dairy rooms, grow rooms that demand a water-resistant paneling. Call 323-352-9279 for a free sample today!


Commercial kitchens are high-moisture areas, a zone that remains heated almost all day, and then there is oil accumulation, walls turning black and sticky, oil dripping, walls peeling off. But when you are running a commercial kitchen, it’s meant to be clean and hygienic, it’s a place where you cook for the customers, and there are people inside who need a good place for preparing meals. The kitchen if not maintained, is very much prone to mold and bacteria formation. The kitchen must be well-maintained and kept clean to prevent bacterial growth that can cause food poisoning. You cannot afford to have any other walling and ceiling solution apart from the water-resistant vinyl paneling. Now some reasons will make you think wisely before you buy panels, whether you invest in vinyl or the same old FRP.

Are you running a commercial kitchen and it needs long-term walling and ceiling solutions within your budget? If FRP is on your mind, its time to change to vinyl due to the immense benefits of the later. When you invest in a long-term solution, it’s meant to be something that would last for years. Unfortunately, the popularity of FRP has gone down ever since vinyl has come up. FRP panels rely on wooden backers and this makes it vulnerable to attracting moisture in the form of water vapor. Due to this, there is deformation in the wood, issues of delaminating and unwanted mold formation. FRP panels suffer from callbacks, which can be pretty expensive. The best part of vinyl is that it does not depend on any backer during the installation; therefore, there are no chances of moisture formation. Peeling off is a widespread problem of the commercial kitchen, but when you install our vinyl panels you get rid of it, and this ensures durability.

Vinyl needs deficient maintenance, and there are hardly any problems during the installation. Vinyl boasts of a longer lifespan, so the investment is practically one time. FRP is not far behind, but vinyl has certain advantages that FRP cannot offer, it’s a modern invention.

You are now surely convinced that you need to invest in our vinyl wall panels for a long-term solution. Quality is of utmost importance, so Duramax is your one-stop shop for premium FDA approved PVC panels. Meeting all the requirements, our panels have remarkably smoother surface just ideal for your commercial kitchen as it helps in easy cleaning. Another huge advantage is that our high-quality panels have 1- hour fire grade protection and a warranty of a lifetime.

Duramax is the right choice because all our panels are made in the USA. However, if you think about the cost, it does make sense to invest a proper amount of money for a durable and long-lasting solution. Affordability means one-time investment in quality products. Give us a call at 323-352-9279 for a free consultation and quote.


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