Why is PVC commercial wall panels from Duramax a great idea?

FRP alternatives

Dampness in the room can hinder your work if you run a business. So, in the commercial sector, there is no question of compromise regarding wall and ceiling. The indoor is largely affected by the outer climate, and that is the reason you need to look for an option that can be the permanent solution. Earlier, people used to use FRP panels in the USA, but it was engineered by old technology; science and technology have come a long way. 

There are FRP alternatives in the USA found in the market, and that is PVC panels. Unlike FRP or fiber-reinforced panels, PVC wall panels are easy to install in the room. It is ½ inch thick and durable. The most challenging thing about FRP is its installation procedure, as you need a backer to fix it in the position. Besides the backer, you need face mounted rivets and adhesive to install the panels. This leads to higher labor costs because you need someone who knows how to install the wallboards. Despite all these, the wall boards can rot by absorbing moisture from the environment. Moisture leads to mold formation on the wallboard, and that is the reason people are shifting their focus to PVC panels.

Advantages of installing PVC panels:

If you are looking for the best replacement for concrete walls and fiber-reinforced panels, then you need to opt for vinyl commercial wall panels. Vinyl panels are made of 100% virgin polyvinyl that is eco-friendly. The product is recyclable and has a longer shelf-life. On the other hand, the product is durable, so no rotting or chipping will be experienced. 

If you are wondering where you will find such products, then you can check out Duramax’s products. They are a US-based vinyl panel manufacturer. You will get the panels in different sizes ranging from 8’ to 20, and you can opt for customizing the length. Let’s talk about the features of the panels.

Features of vinyl panels:
  • If you buy Duramax’s PVC panels, then you will stay worry-free as the product is corrosion resistant. 
  • It is easy to install because it is supremely lightweight yet impressively durable. 
  • It can support attic insulation load
  • When security is a matter of concern in the commercial sector, the PVC wall panels can offer protection from fire as well.
  • The panels have an antibacterial coating that provides protection from bacterial growth on the surface.
  • Low maintenance product and easy to keep clean; also resistant to chemicals.
  • The panels provide a bright and clean appearance that reflects light in the room.

Now you know why PVC walls are considered the best alternative to FRP wall panelsThe impressive durability will save a lot of your money because you do not have to invest in one product more than once. The panels are engineered in a way that it has a hidden fastener and pre-punched nailing flange, which give the panels an elegant outlook. 

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