Why leave your restaurant kitchen walls bare? Install plastic wall panels for commercial kitchen

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Do you own a commercial kitchen and you are reading this piece of blog for a solution? It is essential to take care of the internal kitchen and only the décor of the restaurant, café, or any other food facility. The hygiene of the food depends on the kitchen; this is why regular inspections ensure food safety. Kitchens that have bare walls can be damaged soon due to the amount of moisture, grime, odor, and stickiness. Food cooked in a damp environment can be prone to poisoning, which can be dangerous and ultimately spoil the reputation. 

Certified and high-quality PVC panels

 The ideal solution is to install wall coverings to install plastic wall panels for the commercial kitchen. There are variously available in the market, but they do not have as many advantages as vinyl. Vinyl wall panels are an affordable yet high-quality solution when compared to all other types of wall panels. Now, all panels are not the same; the quality varies from one manufacturer to the other. You cannot ignore Duramax because we are into the business for more than forty years, and we rank on top of search engines. Our panel is ASTM certified to ensure they are FDA compliant wall panels. All our panels are checked for quality before its released to the clients. 

PVC- non moisture absorbing panels that last for a lifetime

Now, if you ask us why you should buy a PVC wall panel and not FRP as many other clients do ask us, we have an answer for you that explains the best. PVC panels are 100% waterproof; they do not have backers to absorb moisture from the interior environment. The walls do not take in the humidity, so the panels remain as good as new without getting damaged, and the walls remain in good condition.  

A big No to FRP – not suitable for humid interiors

But why cannot choose FRP for moisture-prone interiors? There is a lot to understand about how these panels function. FRP panels, unlike PVC, have backers that absorb a lot of moisture damaging the panels, and the walls are also affected by dampness, mold, and bacteria. FRP panels are not long-lasting; post-installation, it just takes a few years for the panels to delaminate. Now, if you compare the lifespan of PVC panels, these panels can last for a lifetime, almost 25-30 years. 

We have a database of so many clients satisfied with our panels; they have shared images, written reviews, and have recommended Duramax. We thank you for trusting in us. Our panels are very easy to install, the entire process is inexpensive without having to invest in any additional materials, and only one contractor completes the whole process.  

Request for a quote – invest in PVC panels

Duramax panels are very safe; the 1-hour fire grade forbids sudden fire hazards; the panels are also chemical resistant. We manufacture light-reflective panels that can lower your energy bills. 

According to Duramax stats, installing PVC panels, you can save 40% of the material cost and 50% of the labor cost compared to FRP. 

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