Why More Contractors are Switching over to Vinyl Panel

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Contractors have been switching over to Vinyl Panels from FRP. As technology progresses, experienced contractors adapt to become effective at installing large projects. Contractors skillfully match the requirements of the project and the attributes of different material. The three main reasons why contractors are switching to vinyl is because of its material attributes, less callbacks, and efficient installation process.

In environments with high humidity, it has become increasingly common for vinyl panel walling to be used due to its long-term water resistance. FRP panels also have long-term water resistance but they rely on wooden backers which are vulnerable to water vapor. Over the years, FRP panels are susceptible to water vapor being absorbed into the wooden backing. This leads to deformities in the wood, delamination of the sheets, and unappealing mold formation

Vinyl wall panels are pure vinyl and do not rely on any backer for installation. Once installed, no other maintenance or support is necessary. Less chances of installation problems means less chances callbacks for the contractors. These callbacks can be costly and time-wasting. Walls that rely on a multiple of materials such as a wooden backer, adhesive, or fasteners means higher risk and costlier callbacks through time and material.

FRP paneling is a two-person job working with multiple materials such as applying adhesive before meticulously applying the sheet and fasteners. Any mistakes with adhesive or placement can mean redoing the whole section. Vinyl on the other hand has lightweight characteristics and can be worked on with 1 person, or 2 for double the speed. Being attached directly to the studs, Vinyl is the lowest maintenance material that has the longest lifespan.


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