Why should you install grow room vinyl panels to maintain the grow room interior and the medicinal plants?

Vinyl panels are perfect for damp commercial interiors. It’s an ideal solution for industrial areas that are filled with moisture. PVC panels are used across a wide range of commercial sectors, but today, we will discuss the benefits of installing vinyl panels in the grow rooms. Grow rooms are popular in the USA, a way of growing medicinal plants indoors.

Grow rooms are very much prone to accumulating dampness and moisture, which is considered favorable for the plants’ growth. But, what about the walls and ceiling getting affected by the dampness? Also, if there is dampness for a long time, then the plants could be affected by mold and mildew. You have to take care of the walls and ceiling to ensure that the grow rooms are not filled with excess moisture that can cause damage. 

Invest in quality vinyl panels 

Upon installing grow room vinyl panels, the walls and the ceiling would remain unaffected by the dampness, and the grow room would remain clean and hygienic. While looking for vinyl panels, you should remember that all manufacturers are not the same. Quality is the decisive factor. All manufacturers do not offer the same quality panels. This is why Duramax PVC panels rank high on search engines. We have a huge number of clients who have trusted us. Our panels are durable, affordable, and waterproof. The grow room vinyl panels do not attract mildew, mold, and bacteria, just perfect for your grow room walls

ASTM certified and FDA complaint vinyl panels 

Duramax is among the most renowned wall panel suppliers; our panels are checked for quality before delivering to your doorstep. The panels are ASTM certified and FDA compliant to ensure top quality. We have an automated system to check the quality of every panel. We have panels that are easily customizable and can fit into your budget. It’s been almost more than forty years that we are manufacturing vinyl panels in the USA. We have many trusted clients; we have been manufacturing the best quality and non-defective panels for you. We have a team that does a lot of research and have a specialist team to study and the most advanced technology used in manufacturing vinyl panels.

We do not compromise the quality

All vinyl panels are not the same when you compare the quality. This is why you need to choose Duramax; we do not compromise the quality. All our panels are checked for quality in an automated manner. This ensures that only high-quality and non-defective panels reach your doorstep. 

Save energy by installing light-reflective panels 

Grow room plants that need sufficient light to grow healthily. Duramax PVC panels are white, give a clean and fresh look. Our panels are light-reflective, which means the panels can equally distribute the reflected light, and you can save quite a lot on energy bills. This can be considered as long-term savings. 

Final words

If an FRP wallboard is on your mind, quit the idea and choose vinyl. Our panels are extremely long-lasting. They can last for almost 40-45 years without any special maintenance or repairs. Get a free sample; call us today for more information—request for a quote. 


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