Why should you not install FRP boards and choose only PVC garage wall panels inside your car wash?

waterproof garage wall panels

Car wash garages can accumulate ample moisture and humidity because space remains filled with fluids. The garage is filled with oil, water spills, car wash fluids, residue, and other liquids. Humidity inside a car wash every day can gradually ruin the walls and ceiling. Covering the car wash interior with plastic panels can help control the build-up of moisture. 

Duramax – offering solutions for 40 years

There are various types of wall panels available in the market, but all do not possess waterproofing qualities like PVC panels. Now vinyl is a very popular wall paneling solution used for commercial and residential interiors. Duramax in the USA has been dedicated to manufacturing vinyl panels for the past 40 years. We started years back, and now we offer modern vinyl wall paneling solutions according to your requirements. 


Knowing the FRP drawbacks

Duramax vinyl panel is used across various industrial sectors, including car washes, grow rooms, commercial kitchens, restaurants, schools, fisheries, and agriculture…etc. We have interacted with many clients who have reached us looking for FRP alternatives. Do you know why customers are looking for an alternative? It is simply because FRP panels are not suitable for damp commercial interiors. FRP panels lose their waterproof qualities to the backers, which are mandatory for an FRP installation. The backers attract a lot of moisture that creates dampness between the walls and panels. The high humidity level damages the panels and the walls. In short, the amount of money you invested in purchasing and installation did not offer a good return. 

Why choose PVC panels?

PVC is superior to the FRP board because it has the power to curb the effects of dampness. Plastic panels do not require backers during the installation, which helps keep moisture from entering the panels. The panels shield the walls inside from getting damaged due to humidity and bacteria. 

100% virgin and certified vinyl panels 

Duramax garage wall panels are made from 100% virgin vinyl. We use the purest form of vinyl to ensure superior quality. Quality is the most important factor, so we assure you ASTM, CFIA-certified, and FDA-compliant wall panels. All our products are checked for quality through an automated system before we ship them to your location. 

Are you looking for customization options?

You can book a consultation with our experts to discuss your requirements. The PVC panels have a soft, smooth surface which is not favorable for bacteria to thrive. The smooth surface of the panels makes them easier to clean. Occasionally clean the panels with light detergent and water to keep the car wash garage hygienic and clean. Duramax vinyl panels require low maintenance. 

 Simple to install affordable panels 

Duramax garage wall panels are inexpensive and simple to install. There is no spending extra money on additional materials for the installation process. Hire one expert contractor for the installation, and it would take only a few hours to complete the installation. 

Talk to our experts 

Are you ready to initiate your project? Refer to the Duramax website for more information about vinyl panels. Cut down 50% of the labor costs and 40% of the material expenses by choosing PVC panels. Book a free consultation with our experts, ask for a free sample and request a quote.

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