Why Vinyl Panels are best for Farms

When building or renovating a dairy, hog, or poultry farm, it is important to pick materials that will be the best value at the lowest cost. Since this is a long-term investment building material will play a big role in everyday operations and overall revenue. A good rule of thumb for comparing building materials is to examine older barns or structures. Have you noticed any rusting, mold, peeling, paint chipping? More than likely, it was these factors that caused you to want to renovate or build a new structure.

Sometimes the lowest initial cost for material does not mean the lowest cost the in long term. Cheaper material tend to need replacing more often, which can add up the expense. Today we will discuss why vinyl panels are great for farm applications and some key points to keep in mind when building or renovating a farm. If you are interested in vinyl panels and would like an expert to discuss your needs, call 323-831-3979 today!

Lowest Cost

Initially vinyl wall panels seem to have a higher price than materials such as FRP panels. And compared online it may look like similar products. But one big difference is that vinyl wall panels have a built-in backer. This means that the wall panels are thick and do not need any drywall or plywood behind it. FRP panels on the other hand, require a backer, which means more material costs and installation time. FRP panels also require adhesive to place on the backer while vinyl wall panels do not. With the prices compared side to side, vinyl wall panels are actually cheaper than FRP panels. To see more comparison with Vinyl wall panels vs FRP, go to https://www.duramaxpvcpanels.com/dpp-vs-frp/

Faster Installation

Aside from the huge savings in labor costs, vinyl wall panels have one of the fastest installation times. The 16 inch widths were designed so that installation only requires 1 person compared to 2. Vinyl wall panels are also independent from any other secondary materials such as adhesives, coatings of paint, backers, fasteners, and more. This means that any pause in operations is minimized to the shortest time possible. Not only would installing vinyl panels be faster, but it also saves time in the long-term.

Long-term Maintenance

Most materials need a layer of coating, fresh adhesive, or complete replacement every few years. The repairs mean a pause in operations when revenue could be generated instead. This is time consuming and costly throughout a business’s lifecycle. Vinyl wall panels save on that part because they never need replacing. Backed with a lifetime warranty, vinyl wall panels would never rot, peel, or rust and since they are mechanically fastened by screws, they never need adhesive. Operations can run smoothly for years on end.

Easy to clean

The best part about vinyl wall panels is that they are so easy to clean. With a bright, white, and smooth surface, vinyl wall panels make daily cleaning faster and easier. Materials like FRP panels have rough textured surfaces, making cleaning difficult and allowing bacteria to hide in crevices. Wood or cement are porous and can give dirt and bacteria a place to hide. An activity that occurs so often like cleaning is a big deal because the accumulation of time spent can add up to a lot of wasted time. Improve daily processes for years on end with vinyl panels.

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