Your Grow Room Plants Need Optimal Moisture and Light – Choose Vinyl Wall Paneling


Do you want to replace the FRP wallboard of your grow room so that your plants can grow even better? For years FRP has been used as the material to protect walls from water damage. But now it has been discovered that FRP still attracts water damage, it has the chance to peel causing expensive replacements. Today, vinyl wall paneling is considered as the most efficient, long-lasting walling and ceiling solution. Vinyl wall panels do not need any adhesive or wooden backer, making delamination or mold impossible. We at Duramax manufacture the finest vinyl panels so that you do not have to think twice before choosing our products. Call 323-352-9279 for a free sample today!


The grow room owners are now choosing vinyl wall paneling mainly because of the waterproof quality, its anti-bacterial and anti-mold. FRP tends to attract moisture and most importantly, cannabis plants cannot survive in excess moisture. So here are more reasons why vinyl panels are considered most suitable for the grow rooms:

Cannabis hate excessive moisture

No, your cannabis plants won’t thrive or might not survive if there is plenty of moisture or bacteria in the grow room. FRP has wooden backers between every panel, and this is why water vapor usually gets trapped inside, leading to unwanted mold growth. The vinyl panels we manufacture are resistant to moisture and bacteria; our panels have surfaces that do not allow mold to grow.  With no cervices, our panels are the most preferred for the grow rooms. This is so much related to hygiene, FRP needs excessive or complicated cleaning because of uneven surface, but our smooth vinyl panels are easy to clean.

Our panels are light reflective and chemical resistant

Cannabis, to grow appropriately require a sufficient amount of light so your grow room must reflect optimum light. We manufacture light-reflective wall panels, especially for your grow rooms. Our panels help light to reflect from all angles for optimal growth of your plants, but it depends on the positioning of the lights as well. Our panels are chemical resistant; you won’t face problems of peeling and delamination.

Installation and cost

FRP panels are not seamless to install, they need adhesive and backer, and it takes a minimum of two people to conduct the installation process. Whereas vinyl panels do not require adhesives and backers, only one person is sufficient to do the installation. Yes, the cost of PVC is initially higher because it’s a one-time investment and you get a full amount of benefits. Vinyl panels are not susceptible to callbacks, do not need frequent maintenance, and offers value.

Choose Duramax vinyl panels

We manufacture panels that are all FDA approved and fire-resistant. Our panels are entirely recyclable, which ensures a low carbon footprint, and it’s more about caring for the environment. Whenever you need to alter the panels, the existing ones can be recycled into a fresh product. Now that you know how PVC panels are soaring in popularity, you can think of installing the same for your grow room. We have a proper technical team to assist you with any consultation related to our vinyl wall panels. Call Duramax at 323-352-9279 if you are looking for a premium wall and ceiling PVC panel supplier in your area.



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