Duramax manufacturers food processing wall panels – Install inside you meat packaging facility

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Food processing and packaging facilities have a lot of moisture inside the premises. Food in any form is extremely perishable and vulnerable. Packaged food, be it raw or semi-cooked, is prone to bacterial infestation if not stored properly. Moisture is extremely harmful to the interior and this is why you can install food processing wall panels that do not need replacing. Duramax is highly reputable for manufacturing and supplying vinyl wall panels to various commercial establishments. Our panels are affordable and a very long-lasting waterproof solution. If moisture is all that you want to check, water-resistivity is mandatory. 



Our panels keep the walls free from moisture: 

Today in this blog, we shall discuss how our panels are useful for meat packaging facilities. These units have an incredibly moist interior and hygiene plays a vital role in ensuring that the raw food is safe to consume when prepared at home or in hotels and restaurants. So, how would you ensure safety? Did you ever feel that the walls and the ceiling could be responsible? A lot of moisture can damage the walls, but our vinyl panels can keep your walls completely dry for years. The panels are waterproof, which means the panels do not attract moisture at all. Damp walls are prone to bacterial accumulation, and this leads to more significant damage. Thus, meat packaging wall panels are an excellent choice. Installing is a one-time investment, but we ensure it is worth it. 


Safe to install and long-lasting insulated panels:

The temperature plays a vital role and this is another reason why wall panels are instrumental. The right kind of insulation helps food and meat remain fresh for a longer period of time. We have supplied panels to many renowned meat packaging suppliers and they are content with the solution. Before investing, you can conduct thorough internet research or talk to our experts for a consultation. Some so many clients do not know much about vinyl panels. Duramax has a team of experts always ready to assist and guide you over consultations.  

Vinyl panels are extremely long-lasting; these can last for almost 25-30 years without showing any signs of damage. The panels are safe and can be installed quickly and the process is inexpensive as well. Only one installation expert can install the panels and you do not need to invest in any additional materials. Duramax vinyl panels have a one-hour fire grade; this can prevent fire hazards for up to 1-hour. These panels are chemical resistant, odor-proof, and do not stain easily. Our food processing wall panels are certified by ASTM and CFIA and FDA-compliant. Our vinyl panels are 4 times longer lasting than any other walling solution. If your panels do not last, we give you your money back ($25,000 labor charge coverage). 



Save more by investing in our low maintenance vinyl panels: 

Installing our panels can save you from the hassle of cleaning walls regularly. Once you install vinyl panels, they do not need regular maintenance. You can wipe the panels with a moist cloth to keep them clean. 

The big news is that you can save 50% today on labor charges and 40% on the material cost by investing in Duramax vinyl panels. So, no more dealing with FRP suppliers trust vinyl panels for best results. Please visit our website for information; you can read testimonials or interact with our team. Stop finding FRP suppliers, call us for a free sample and request a quote.


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